Women’s workouts – wumbling

Women’s workouts – wumbling.

, Women’s workouts – wumbling

From the screens of TVs and pages of glossy editions, women are constantly kept: you must always keep your body in good shape, train muscles and not forget about your natural beauty. What about the intimate sphere? The muscles of the vagina, as it turned out, also need daily training. Modern exercises called "Wumbuilding" They make real miracles. Only a few weeks of training, and sensations during sex will become even brighter!

What is wumbling?

Wumbling or Impilding – Exercises aimed at training the muscles of the vagina, which have a favorable effect on intimate microflora, hormonal balance, local immunity. Japanese geisha and Thai masseuses from childhood learned to control their body perfectly. Well -trained intimate muscles always surprised their customers and brought them a sea of pleasure. In addition, wumbling helps to relieve soreness of critical days. You can master such technology in the shortest possible time, and without any simulators and ultra -complex attributes.

You can engage in wumbling with a coach in a special school or yourself. The plus of exercises is the fact that the simplest of them can be done at any time, even on the way to work or during a lunch break. The purpose of such training – During the complete relaxation of the body, alternately strain and relax the muscles of the vagina and the anus. For others this is imperceptible, for the body it is very useful.

, Women’s workouts – wumbling

Smengers for wumbling

In addition to ordinary exercises, more advanced ones are also popular, using special simulators that can be purchased in any sex shop:

  • Balloons – The most affordable simulator that helps to better feel your muscles are different in manufacturing, color, design;
  • Vacuum simulators – more complex, however, the effect of their use is tangible;
  • Vibroyayko – It is mainly a clitoris stimulant, but trains the vaginal muscles no less effective than other types of simulators;
  • Cargo devices – A small ball held by the muscles of the vagina, on which you can hang a load weighing up to 2 kilograms.

Wumbling at home

You can train intimate muscles in a comfortable environment – Houses. To do this, you just need to relax and arm yourself with the next list of exercises:

  1. The first exercise is taken from yoga – Learning proper breathing. In the position of lying on the floor, it is necessary to take inspiration and exhale with only a relaxed stomach, while the hand that lies on the stomach rhythmically rises and drops, the hand does not move on the chest. The same is done standing. Such breathing helps to relax and concentrate on your feelings.
  2. The second exercise – drawing and relaxing the clitoris in several approaches. Do not be afraid of easy excitement, which will pleasantly roll over the body. It will not interfere with further training.
  3. Exercise number three – pulling the anus without using the buttocks. If the abdominal muscles are tensed, they should be relaxed.
  4. Combined exercise. It is necessary to draw and relax the clitoris and anus alternately.
  5. The next element of training – Combination of relaxing breathing and movements of intimate muscles. It is necessary to lie on your back, start breathing with your stomach and draw up-rally anus.
  6. Exercises with balls begin with attempts to hold the simulator with the muscles of the vagina in a standing position. If everything worked out, you can try to walk with them, go down the stairs, jump. The next level of muscle ownership – the ability to move balls inside yourself, and then – the ability to hold them a simulator with a small load.

Wumbuilding – exercises that every woman should know about. They help not only to establish intimate health, but also to make sexual life much more active and brighter.

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