Wumbling for beginners at home

Fundamentals of wumbling at home.

, Wumbling for beginners at home

Wumbling – a set of exercises for training vaginal muscles (pelvic floor muscles). The complex was based on the elements of the abdomen and the secret techniques of the geisha and the concubines of the emperor.
Weakening of the muscles of the pelvic bottom occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, childbirth, overweight, physical overload, gynecological intervention. The loss of muscle tone leads to incontinence, the disappearance of vaginal orgasm, a flabby stomach and the inner surface of the thigh, hyperlordosis.
Wumbling at home allows you to restore the power of vaginal muscles and improve female health.

The reasons for engaging in wumbling

, Wumbling for beginners at home
The muscles of the pelvic floor are included in the deep block, which helps the body stabilize in the work. If they are not strong enough, then during inclinations or lifting severity the load falls on the lower back, which increases the risk of injury.
During intercourse, the power of female and male orgasm in particular depends on the tone of the vaginal muscles. Rapid weakening reduces the strength of orgasm or does not allow it to feel it completely.
For young women, a well -trained pelvic bottom will facilitate the process of childbirth. Due to the elasticity of muscles, the risk of stretching and ruptures is greatly reduced. The pain from labor is less.
Vaginal workouts prevent female diseases and improve fertility, as they enhance the blood circulation of tissues in the pelvis. The complex allows you to delay the menopause.
The muscles of the bark and the hips are directly connected with the vaginal muscles. Wumbling will help to make a flat stomach, tighten the inner surface of the thigh, eliminate the excess default in the lower back.

Myths about training

, Wumbling for beginners at home
A lot of myths have been formed around the muscle tone of the pelvic floor. The wrong approach to training can aggravate the situation, lead to health problems.

Methods that do not help:

  • Wearing a corset
  • Exercise elevator
  • long standing in the bar
  • vacuum, delaying abdomen

In the umbilding, proper breathing is important. Drawing up the abdomen and a vacuum exercise do not allow a woman to breathe freely when they are performed. Retracting techniques squeeze the internal organs, causing an exacerbation of chronic diseases.
The corset takes part of the load from the muscles, which is why their work is facilitated. Therefore, this technique does not help to bring the rectus abdominal muscle and the pelvic bottom in tone, on the contrary, contributes to atrophy.

Exercise “Elevator” lies in the conscious pull -up of the muscles of the pelvic floor upward. The study of the effectiveness of the method on the ultrasound apparatus with the participation of experienced Pilates masters showed that during the exercise the vaginal muscles are not pulled up, but are lowered down.

The muscles of the pelvic floor are not designed for a long tension, they cannot hold the bar for more than one minute even in well -trained people, the load is transmitted to the lower back. Correctly the bar is performed by fractional approaches.

Physical activity

, Wumbling for beginners at home

Sitting lifestyle The main reason for problems with the pelvic bottom. For proper work with vaginal muscles, exercises 1 time per day are not enough, it is necessary to high activity during the day.

The methods can be different:

  • Walking (from 15 thousand. steps per day)
  • dancing
  • swimming
  • a ride on the bicycle
  • household chores
  • sport games

High daily activity safely affects all the muscles and joints of the body, facilitates weight loss, improves mood. With sedentary work, you need to get up every half an hour and give the body a load: walk along the corridor, perform inclinations, sit several times, etc.

Breathing technique

, Wumbling for beginners at home

The vaginal muscles need a good blood flow, which is not possible if you are improperly breathing. Before classes, you must definitely do breathing techniques.

  1. First make several respiratory cycles for the chest and abdomen. Lie on your back, legs bent, your head does not throw it away. Inhale slowly through the nose with full chest, exhale through the mouth. When exhaling, the air passes slowly, as if through a straw. Make 10 times for chest and abdominal breath.
  2. Take a rubber ball and blow it half. Lie on the stomach, spread your legs to the sides. Put the ball under the chest, the head lies on the hands, the elbows are divorced. On inspiration slowly lift the head, until the straight line forms with the back. Breast pushes the ball forward. On the exhale slowly lower your head on the brush. Perform 16 times
  3. Lie on your back, arms under your head, legs bent at your knees. Under the lower edge of the shoulder blades, put the stranded children’s ball. Inhale deeply with chest, the back is plunged into the ball. Raise your head on the exhale so that the case is lined up in a straight line. The stomach should remain flat. The back of the head lies on the palms, the neck does not strain.

Exercises without equipment

, Wumbling for beginners at home

You should start training after breathing exercises. It is advisable to warm up all the muscles of the body with a winch before starting and do self -massage with a rolller.

Dead beetle

Lying on the back, legs bent and divorced, support on the sacrum. Bent legs lift up, the stomach should remain flat. Hand over your hands with your palms to each other. Simultaneously lower the hand behind the head and the opposite leg to the floor. The knees do not extend. The back should be relaxed, the stomach is flat. Perform 10 times. For beginners, the exercise can be performed in a lightweight version, lower only your arms or just legs.

Starting on straight hands

Resting on the rug with your palms and fingers, arms straight. The back retains natural deflection. Keep the position 15 s, then sink to 5 s and climb into the bar again. So perform 6 cycles. Do not hold your breath. In the presence of diastasis, replace with the lateral version.

Deep squat

Stand straight, legs wide apart. Hands in front of you, closed palms on chest levels, elbows are divorced. Sit deeply, arms between the legs, the elbows spread their knees to the sides. At the exit, try to bring the buttocks together. At this moment, the woman will feel her muscles of the pelvic floor. Keeping this feeling, get up.

Kegel exercises are an effective way to train vaginal muscles, but it is not suitable for beginners. Due to the low physical activity, women cease to feel their pelvic bottom, and perform compressing the sphincter, which can lead to neurogenic cyst. You can proceed with Kegel’s training only after good mastery of the vaginal muscles.

Inventory exercises

, Wumbling for beginners at home
For umbilding, heavy simulators are not required. You will need a fitball, a rubber ring, a yoga ball or a children.

Tilts on the roller

Sit on a recovery, legs on different sides bent at the knees. Back straight, hands on the belt. Perform tilts with a pelvis forward and backward. On the inhalation of the pubic bone, pull up on yourself, lift up the ass on exhalation. The case is motionless, movements are performed only by the pelvis in the minimum amplitude.

Sit on fitball or chair

Back straight, hands on the waist. Put on a rubber ring on your knees, do not squeeze your legs. At the entrance, spread your legs to the sides, while the socks are unfolding out. The movement starts from the hip joints, goes to the knees, ends on the feet. Put your legs directly on the exhale. Perform 6 times. Change the respiratory cycle – breed legs on exhalation, return on inhalation, 6 times.

Lowing the legs

Starting position, too, kneel a rubber ball with your knees. On inhalation from the hip joints, reduce the legs together, socks unfold inside. You will exhale. Perform 6 times and change the respiratory cycle.

Oblique with the ball

Lie on its side, put a pillow or ball under your head. The lower hand is extended forward. Put fitball in front of the stomach, hold it with the upper hand. Raise bent legs and exhale with the knees of fitball, take your feet back on inspiration. The movement is carried out due to the operation of the muscles of the pelvic floor, the case does not participate. 10 times on each side.


, Wumbling for beginners at home

Wumbling is suitable for women of any age. But he has a number of contraindications.

It is forbidden to perform the complex at:

  • pregnancy
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • uterine myoma
  • oncology
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system
  • postpartum period
  • postoperative period
  • Problems with hip joints
  • any chronic diseases during the exacerbation

Before starting training, you need to undergo an examination by a gynecologist. Do not perform during menstruation.
Pelvine muscles are an important basis for the female body. Small training will help restore tone, establish sexual life, get rid of many gynecological troubles.

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