5 poses in shower

5 poses in shower.

, 5 poses in shower

Sex in the bathroom — This is interesting, but only finding a convenient pose for him is not easy. It should be stable, while not impede the movements. It is also important to understand that there is little space in the soul. We found 6 shower poses in which it is convenient to make love.

Sex in the shower sitting

Sedentary pose is perfect for sex in the shower. A man should sit on the bottom of the bath, a woman to kneel on top, both partners should look in one or opposite side, as more convenient. This allows a woman to independently control the speed and rhythm. You can perform this pose in a shower or in a half -filled bath.

A girl’s active role, but a man can support her with his hands so that her legs do not get tired. The entry angle is simply changed, deflecting the torso forward or backward.

, 5 poses in shower

Pose x

In position X, a woman should stand facing the wall and spread her legs and arms so that they resemble the letter X. The man is located behind. But it is worth observing caution, because you can not easily maintain balance. If problems arise with the arrangement of the legs, it is better to put a special shower under the feet in order to make it more convenient to take the position of standing.

Hands and legs are not just placed, they rest against the wall and do not allow to move. Active in this position is a man, the movements of a woman are very limited. And it will be inconvenient if partners have too much difference in growth.

Standing dog

The pose resembles one of the asanas in yoga. The girl leans forward, but with her palms rests not on the floor, but on the edge of the bathroom. The pelvis is raised, the man fits behind and actively moves. The lady can bend slightly below to change the sensations from penetration.

A woman stands based on the edge of the bath. If the bathroom is high, then it almost does not bend in the back, perfectly if the slope is deeper. And you can still arrange the legs wide or connect together, this also affects the sensations.

A man can stand on a dry floor, and a woman is in the bathroom. So it turns out safer. If both are in the bathroom, you must not forget that there is slippery around.

, 5 poses in shower


This pose in which a man lies from below, and a woman on top, legs and bodies are pressed to each other. The bottom line is that a woman should slide up and down across his body. Water helps gluing.

It is realized only in large bathrooms, where it is possible to accommodate in full growth. In this case, you do not need to type a lot of water so that it does not begin to splash over the edge.

Oral sex

This type of sex can become magnificent supplement for games under the shower. One partner should sit on the edge of the bath or just stand up, and the other take the position at his feet to perform oral affection. It is not necessary to stand under water.

It is important to understand that it is very inconvenient to stand on the knees in the bathroom, so you need to sit on the bottom so that there are no bruises on the knees.

, 5 poses in shower

Proper preparation

In fact, almost all poses are good for sex in the shower. You can come up with a lot of options, because it all depends on the space. But there are important things that are needed to make sex.

Lubrication in the shower is necessary. Water washes the natural secret of the body, and sliding is not too smooth. Using a silicone -based lubricant, it will be easier to experience pleasure. Such lubricant is not immediately washed off with water, it is specially created for games in wet spaces. It is suitable for vaginal and anal sex.

Sex toys enhance experiences even in water. Their use helps diversify intimacy and accelerates the onset of orgasm. Many sex-Tovars are not afraid of moisture and they can be used in such circumstances.

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