Doggi Style pose – the key to healthy intimate relationships

Doggi Style: Freedom of Instincts.

, Doggi Style pose – the key to healthy intimate relationships

Doggi Style – a pose in sex, who has no age, Doggi loves everything. Reasonable question: why? The answer lies in the human essence itself, in its roots. Since ancient times, people imitated animals, tried to eat like them, sleep like them, breed like them. Evolution made adjustments to our consciousness, but the instincts remained: the dominant male, showing his power over the female and the rest of the males rudely took it from behind, that is why men are crazy about the doggie of Style, so they lead the process, release the male beginning.

Description of the posture

The pose is based on the subordination of a woman and the dominance of a man. The woman turns her back to her partner, demonstrating their readiness for sexual actions, kneels, then leans on her own elbows or remains “on all fours”.

, Doggi Style pose – the key to healthy intimate relationships

Her hands are busy, but if desired, she can caress herself, bringing closer a wave of orgasm. The man rests behind, also kneeling, actively moves his hips, entering the partner. His hands lie on her waist, helping to move, or slide down her body, stopping on his chest, passing to the clitoris, gently fly over the buttocks. A man controls the pace, strength and length of the penetration of a member, a woman can only succumb and relax.


For those who are bored with the classic, Kama Sutra offers about 27 varieties of Doggi Style. Even if the partner slightly lifts the torso or stands into the “knightly pose” (one knee), the angle of entry of the penis will change into the vagina, the sensations will change, the sensitivity will increase or decrease. Of the 27 available variations, three of the most-most can be distinguished:


A woman lies on her stomach, while a man cringes her hands behind her with one hand, and holds her head in the neck. Such a pose is suitable for those who like it worse and hotter or for lovers of role -playing games. The holding reception can be gentle and passionate, rude and ruthless, it all depends on the desires of the couple, their boundaries of the permitted.

Like a dog

A woman is in a classical position, standing on all fours, a man is attached from behind, imitating a male’s fabric (feet on a flat plane, his knees are slightly bent, his hands are in the mind, the torso hangs over the partner’s body). The pose is convenient because lovers can calmly kiss if she turns her head a little to the right or to the left. It is convenient to move on to anal stimulation from vaginal sex if there is no ban on it.


The partner intercepts the initiative, here it is she who controls the depth of immersion and the speed of movements. A man squatting, breeds his knees, takes his hands behind his back and rests on them. A woman, imitating a frog (squatting, her hands stand between diluted knees), finds a member and gently falls on him. There is a risk of genital injuries if “sit by”, so the partner should carefully hold the member with his hand, then send him exactly to the target.

Experiments will help to find the ideal position of bodies for both so that the general work on the orgasm does not drag on. It is definitely worth adding peppercorn to a relationship, because no one loves fresh sex.

Positive points

The stereotypical opinion of the majority says that Doggi Style is loved by men, and women, agreeing, just want to please them. In fact, women love Doggi no less, they give up as much as possible to the partner, shifting the burden of responsibility to his shoulders, ultimately it turns out that it is collected and focused as much as possible, and it is relaxed and suppressed. Here’s what else attracts both sexes:

  • On the verge of physiology. Doggi Style – a passionate pose, in bed it is allowed to growl, bite each other, moan or make a warlike cry. Partners are not people, they are like animals, wild, unbridled and very sexy;
  • Great review. Like it or not, the partner is in a favorable position, he opens up a chic appearance on the flowing curls, flexible lines of the female body, and its juicy buttocks. Hands themselves feel for the breasts, and the lips stretch to the pulsating vein on the neck. It is important not to overdo it and inadvertently not eat your chosen one;
  • Active stimulation. A woman gets her own portion of sensations, although she looks into the pillow, she feels absolutely everything and even more. The penis in this position stimulates the desired point G, expanding the spectrum of the partner’s emotions, she will clearly be ecstasy and will soon ask for more;
  • Do not indulge in the most. The next plus of Doggi is that with the correct mutual arrangement of partners, the member will be able to enter the vagina for the entire length. Unforgettable feelings;
  • Not tied to the bed. Varieties of the posture can be practiced anywhere and in any situation: during yoga, in the pool or having secluded in the bathroom – the possibilities are limitless.

The man is leaned by lust, and a woman is a desire to be weak and defenseless, in Doggi Style both points are taken into account in full.

Negative sides

The presence of minuses of the posture slightly shakes the existing pluses, but in a healthy sexual life you can not do without a conflict.

  • I like gently. Sometimes men are rebuilt, afraid to cause a partner pain. Particularly sensitive of them find a pose of selfish and rough. Well, such an opinion also has a place to be;
  • There are few kisses. Women often complain about the lack of contact of the eye-in-eye and the loss of emotional connection with the partner. Stock up with kisses, you can exchange fiery glances before or after sexual intercourse, if you can’t wait out at all, then try “likely”;
  • What a great. Active frictions will cause a partner pain if a member is more than an average size. It is worth pushing into the process a little slower to evaluate how deeply you can enter it;
  • Feminists fight. Even if a woman is not from the category of “self -sufficient and relying on herself”, she can love to dominate and does not want complete submission. You need to find a compromise or another approach to the conquest of the Amazon.

It is easy to turn negative moments into positive ones, it is only important to find the right angle, just like in Doggi Style.


Doggi Style pose is suitable for psychologically and emotionally liberated couples. It is important to understand that the desire of a partner for dominance in sex is a healthy phenomenon that does not require third -party interventions, as well as concessions and sacrifice by a partner. For ready to surrender and able to take the pose, will have to be in handy.

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