Favorite female poses in sex

Favorite female poses in sex.

One of our regular readers asked the correct question: “What are your favorite positions then?”. By the way, I give him a separate hello. A very beautiful and interesting man.:)

We again went to discuss this topic during a lunch break, asking our clients, friends and acquaintances, how they most like sex with their loved ones.

 , Favorite female poses in sex


The result was a very interesting conclusion. The very first girls come to the heads of the poses that they initially highlighted as hated.

True, then they began to add that they like them with those corrections that we indicated. And in general, these are the most frequent positions and their, sometimes, enough to fulfill marital duties. And if you take into account some housing problems, then the only ones. Here at least somehow have time ..

But we are persistent, love to seduce in the subject with the head. Began to ask the question a little differently, offer to choose from options. And still some nuances dug up that often sounded like: “By the way, yes, I like it!”

So, we present you poses, except for standard favorite-unanimous.

, Favorite female poses in sex



It is important for women to communicate with their partner during the intimate process. We are not talking about gossip about a neighbor Masha, sausage prices and communal services.

Follow the expression on your face, to feel breathing on your skin, the ability to kiss is what adds sex of piquant sensations.

Plus, in this position they control the pace and body as close as possible. If the position is convenient, not requiring support, then the hands remain free for caresses.

Some love to sit with their backs to the partner, also on a working washing machine. They say those still vibrations ..

, Favorite female poses in sex


Legs on the neck of a man

Toli is a subconscious desire of women to sit on a man on their neck and hang their legs, felts of some kind of difficult psychological moment in bright and dark heads, but this pose also often popped up in conversations.

Stimulation of point G of this position is maximum. Some mentioned that it was also additional control of rhythm and partner. If something doesn’t like something, then weakening male pressure is much easier with the help.

Do not forget that the hands of women at this moment are absolutely free, which means they can be naughty for their pleasure, caressing themselves or a partner.

, Favorite female poses in sex



We have already written about this position. She is loved for lightness and spontaneity. Go from ordinary hugs to sex is easier.

Again, a free hand capable of franking all the sensitive points of the partner. And a woman can flood a little or help a male hand in delivering pleasure to her beloved.

, Favorite female poses in sex


Standing man

This pose is not as popular as the previous ones, but also mentioned when discussing.

There are those who like the dominant note. A man controls female legs, pressing them to his chest, making penetration deeper. And the view of the partner towering above it is quite exciting.

The main thing is to find a convenient surface for this position.

, Favorite female poses in sex

Studying this issue, we came to the conclusion that women are capricious and unpredictable. Today they love something, they dislike tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow they cannot live without it. And this is absolutely not to tease the male part of the population. It is somehow itself 🙂

By the way, for the sake of the joke, we offered options for positions that women, men offered. What can I say … The poses that we have allocated today caused some of them a sharp denial.

What conclusion can be drawn here? Ask your half and have fun together. Or three of them. In general, the way you like it 🙂

, Favorite female poses in sex


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