Fireworks pose in sex – how to perform

Pose 3 sex – “fireworks”.

Fireworks pose in sex is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. To execute it, you need to warm up a little in advance.

, Fireworks pose in sex – how to perform

Sex pose is firework – more complicated than it seems

It is better to use the Fireworks pose not immediately at the beginning of sexual entertainment, but at least in the middle of the process. In order to fulfill it, a woman and a man must sit opposite each other. The partner’s legs and hips hugs the torso of his man, at that moment the penetration of male dignity into the bosom of the girl. After that, the man throws his leg through the girl’s waist, as if hugging her. This is necessary to maintain his partner during sex in pose No. 3.

The man begins his movements and sets the pace of sex, his hands should hold the girl’s legs to control her and make sexual intercourse more comfortably. And for this he needs to rest his elbows to hold the pose longer. The girl at this moment can rest her hands on the bed or other surface or grab her partner by the neck or shoulders. 3 pose in sex It is difficult enough and has some acrobatic moments, so try to be neat. By the way, the fireworks pose can be a continuation of sexual intercourse from the Lotus sex pose.

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