How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

Every man wants to be an ideal sexual partner for his woman. . But this is not so! To stay for your girlfriend an unsurpassed lover and further, you can give her a squirt. Other name – Inkjet orgasm, and how to bring a girl to him, We will find out further.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

What is squirting

We know a lot about male ejaculation, but nothing is about female, and it exists! All the time from time to time watch porn about ending girls, so a special topic in these videos is a squirt or jet orgasm – The process of releasing a liquid transparent secret (urethral ejaculate) from the female genital organs at the time of the highest pleasure during orgasmic discharge. The release can occur repeatedly. As practice shows, this is insanely exciting men, many ask to be from above so that the stream goes to them.

Some women experiencing an inkjet orgasm during sex are embarrassed by this, mistakenly considering the released fluid with an involuntary urine release. And in vain! The sensations received by the girl cannot be compared with any other. Therefore, today we teach materiel – how to bring the girl to Squirt in different ways: hands, tongue during Kuni or vibrator.

What sensations a woman experiences with an inkjet orgasm

As we have already said, the sensations obtained bring unearthly pleasure, which does not give a single type of orgasm. What does the girl feel at the time of the inkjet orgasm?

  • First of all, the accurate harbinger of Squirt will be false urination. It will seem to you that you are about to describe involuntarily. Do not be afraid – these are deceptive sensations.
  • At the time of the peak of pleasure and the release of liquid secret, the maximum relaxation, bordering the loss of consciousness.
  • Passes through the body A light trembling, reminiscent of convulsions. In the extremities there is a severity. Some girls noted numbness and leg cramps.
  • After the complete mental relaxation and a pleasant, enveloping body come, fatigue.

The first experience of Squirt in a girl can cause some psychological reactions, not quite positive. In the total mass of the lady, bewilderment, awkwardness, constraint, stupor are noted. Most of all women are afraid that they will push the partner and call him a disgust.

Dear beauties, throw stupid thoughts out of your head! A jet orgasm of a woman excites a man, and also hangs a multi -ton medal on his neck for special merits in a sexual marathon – because he brought her to the peak of pleasure! We assure you, in the rating on the quality of sex, he added a thousand points for himself)))

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

Preparation for squirt: what is worth thinking about in advance

Having found out the basic concepts, we move on to an important part – preparation for squirt. If desired, you can discuss with a partner if she wants to experiment like that. If the girl begins to be shy, try to explain that the liquid from the urethra is not urine, so there is nothing at all to be ashamed here. A natural process from which you will get even more emotions and sensations.

With the consent of a woman to such sexual sophistications, a man needs to pay attention to several points.

  • Since most of the guys bring the girl to squirt with their hands (fingers), be sure to briefly Sweep your nails and my hands carefully.
  • For easy entry into the vagina We use special lubricants-lubricants. They will facilitate sliding and fingers, and a member, and a vibrator – depends on what you will bring your favorite to a jet orgasm.
  • With a squirt, a different volume of fluid is released – from a few drops to 50 ml. So as not to confuse the girl with wet sheets, We prepare a towel.
  • Explain to the partner that before a sexual experiment, all the “small” and “large” Things are in the toilet)
  • And as always – preliminary affection. Prelude will help your lady relax and tune in to get new sensations.
  • Of course, do not forget about A pleasant atmosphere: music, wine, light snacks, aromatic oils, maybe a bath with foam and candle.

lee you want to bring the girl to squirt a member, which does not always work out the first time due to the special location of the point G, heat the vagina with your fingers, tongue or vibrator. You can start warming up with erotic or tantric massage and tender words about how beautiful and sexy it is.

We advise you to read this interesting and informative article to use some unusual techniques for warming up your kisuli in front of Squirt.

How to find a point g and bring a woman to a jet orgasm

Point G or otherwise the graffenberg point is one of the parts of the vagina, which can be called a female prostate. It is she who is responsible for the internal orgasm, including the jet. Fortunately for men, all girls are in one place with a slight difference of several millimeters. Point G is located on the front wall of the vagina in the form of a red dense tubercle, which is almost impossible to feel in an unexplored state. As soon as the blood rushes to the vagina, it begins to increase and becomes like a texture and size to a walnut.

Where is the point G and how to stimulate it

Think point G it is possible at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance to the vagina. If you could find it, then your girlfriend is provided with an orgasm, which cannot be said about Squirt. Unfortunately, the ability to ejaculate is not given to all representatives of the fair sex, but it is still worth finding this pleasure area.

Enter two fingers, medium and ring, palm up in the vagina – The position of the fingers plays a decisive role! We press them against the upper wall of the vagina as tightly as possible and make movements up and down. The lower wall can be massaged with the back, as if slightly touching. Do not forget about the stimulation of the labia and clitoris, which enhance excitement.

For especially impatient, we immediately note: if you think that after a couple of minutes your beloved will be shorted all night, then you are very mistaken. For real jet orgasm, especially for the first time, you will have to puff. The untrained hand quickly gets tired, so be prepared for your fingertips.

The more often you develop the point G, the cooler the orgasms and squirt will be cooler.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

Last steps: how to give a woman a jet orgasm

We have already told how to perform stimulation to bring the girl to Squirt, but do not forget about some features. In the process of a sexual act, it is important to listen to the natural reactions of a partner. Each woman is individual: one likes the stiffness and dominance of a man, the other will prefer tenderness, affection and slow sensual penetrations. Therefore, the degree and power of the entry of the fingers or member must alternate.

Squirt with clitoral orgasm -This is something incredible. Such sex will be remembered by the girl for life. If you are uncomfortable to caress the clitoris with point G, use sex toys that will do everything for you. Perhaps the touch of a vibrator or an improved clitoris stimulant will become more exciting for her. In addition to these toys, you can use Clital vacuum massager in the form of a suction cups, which is gorgeously imitates cunnilingus, or Pulsator with a ribbed texture and a curved head – they can play in the water!

To describe all the sex toys that you can bring the girl to orgasm, there will not be enough an entire article! That is why we invite you to go to the cool sex shop and get acquainted with the new products of the intima-Tovars in the Vibrators section-100% of you will visit certain ideas for the nearest weekend!

The main task of a man is to relax the girl, not give her a reason to think about how she looks from the outside. As soon as your kitty says that he wants to go to the toilet, it means that halfway is passed and you can rejoice: everything is done correctly, you are on the finish line. To bring the girl to a jet orgasm, we do not slow down at that moment, even if we are tired.

So, finally, everything happened, what can be seen after? Transparent or whitish liquid, like a fountain or a powerful stream, came out of the urethra. At this moment, the partner feels deep waves throughout the body. Some women may be in a half -fainting state, because the power of such an orgasm is simply unusual.

You can bring the girl to Squirt quickly enough if everything is described as described above. Meanwhile, a partner should take into account that for her all this is a new product, she can be scared and interrupt the process. Well, her right. It is not necessary to insist on continuation or repetition. If, after all, a woman allows her to do this, be sure to Choosing the right pose for squirt, to stimulate the point g.

In what poses can you bring the girl to Squirt

According to fans of special sex techniques, the following poses will be perfect.

  • The girl lies on her back with wide legs. Partner’s task is to introduce her middle and index fingers into her vagina so that her palm looks up. At the same time, bend the fingers. When you decide to change your hands to the penis, you can put the pillow under her hips. In fact, this is the most common “missionary position.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

  • It is very convenient to stimulate the point g with your hands and member In the knee-elbow position. The man is located so that his hips are slightly above the female. This will allow the member to send down – just to the treasured hillock.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

  • For those girls who are familiar with anal affection, you can offer Option “bracket”: the index finger is introduced into the vagina, the large – into the anus. Movements should be fast, with a gradual increase in the pace.
  • Those who do not want to dirty the sheets can be advised Vertical rack with a foot raised and assigned to the side. The girl stands in such a position, and the man caresses her with her fingers or vibrator. A member in this position will not be able to bring a woman to squirt, since you simply will not reach the desired “button”.
  • How did we forget about the pose “Riddle”? After all, in her, the girl herself controls her feelings! It can affect any vaginal zone to stimulate the Genital Point Genitals. If the lady has no experience in squirting, help her – move her hips so that the penis was rubbing on the front wall of the vagina.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

  • And of course, Pose “spoon”. Special savory – additional caresses of clitoris or nipples with a free hand. So that the member rests on the right place, do not raise the girl’s legs. Let her keep them a carpenter together.

, How to bring the girl to squirt, preparation and convenient poses

Do not forget that a section of the labia can be located in girls in different ways. And the positions “behind” are more suitable for those who are closer to the anus or exactly in the middle. How to determine? . Girls in whom it is located closer to the pubis, they are unlikely to experience a jet orgasm in such positions. They are much more suitable for poses where the man is in front.

We told you about the best poses in sex for jet orgasm, And, it would seem, time is just to say goodbye, but no! After all, there was another way to properly bring the woman to Squirt, which we will tell about ..

How to bring a girl to a squirt vibrator

So, a wet business is done not only with a penis and hands-as they say, not done with a finger))) In general, good assistants in bringing a lady to the highest pilot will become a vibrator and other intima-Tovars! If you do this, you will definitely receive a T-shirt with the inscription “Sex Gigant” on February 23.

Who are these assistants? Remember, in front of you are Squirt’s friends.

  • Vibration massagers for clitoris and vibrators with a special bend for a point G – without irritating sounds, with understandable control, can be in the form of a petal, penis, light bulbs, etc.D. As a rule, they are flexible and maneuverable. Vibration modes are regulated, that is, you can easily adjust the intensity to the desire of a woman. The moment of climax is achieved much faster than with jerking fingers.
  • Intimate creams for a point G. There are special gels and lubricants with aromatic oils for its stimulation. They not only facilitate the entrance to the vagina, but also enhance the sensations.

If you bought a vibrator for point G, you can bend it in all directions, because they are so plastic that they are bending into the ring. Even the most inaccessible point of voluptuousness will be discovered, regardless of the pose and features of the physiology of the girl))) Prepare for your woman will constantly ask for such super pleasure. Forget the man who once opened the door to her to the world of sensual and incomparable Squirt, she can never.

Friends, now you know about the girls the most secret! Use for your own purposes and conquer new peaks! Just don’t forget to share your successes with us)))

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