Italian candelabr – a pose for sex for advanced. What does the Italian chandelier look like?

Italian candelabr: lighting device or …? Sex pose for advanced.

, Italian candelabr – a pose for sex for advanced. What does the Italian chandelier look like?

For those who are not used to being content in sex with a missionary position in the light turned off and under a reliable cover of a blanket, a pose called under the name will be an excellent experiment «Italian candelabr» – provocative, unusual and requiring a certain skill.

The history of the posture «Italian candelabr»

Where did the name of this position come from – It is unknown. But in «Kamasutra» There are several illustrations in which the bodies of partners are curved like a stand for several candles – candelabra. Most likely that is why the position was called. Sometimes you can meet synonyms – «Italian chandelier», «Spanish candelabr». All this is about the same.

By the way, once, according to the expanses of the World Network, I circulated a list that described what actions they burn how many calories are burned. So, sex in a pose «Italian candelabra» was named a guarantee of parting with 912 kilocalories! Surprised? After reading a description of such a job making, you will understand everything!

Pose options «Italian candelabr»

There are two options for this exotic posture. Let’s start with the one that is easier for a man.

Pose No. 1 – The girl sits with her back to her partner and … It gets on «bridge», familiar to everyone in physical education lessons. As soon as the girl is established in this position, the guy penetrates her, and, in fact, the act of love begins. A woman who decided on such an experiment should be truly flexible and strong. Otherwise, instead of pleasure, you can get a back or hands injury. If the partner does not hold equilibrium, then the case may result in an injury to the penis (the rupture of the bridle is likely).

Pose No. 2 – The second option is more complicated just for a man who should take the most stable position on the floor, quite widely spreading the legs. He sits a woman on his hips, penetrating into the vagina, and then… A woman throws her legs on a man’s shoulders. Indeed, from the outside it is very similar to a candelabr! Here, a girl can rely only on the general physical training of a partner. If a man is not strong enough, the couple can simply fall on the floor and get a lot of bruises and abrasions.

, Italian candelabr – a pose for sex for advanced. What does the Italian chandelier look like?

Pose preparation tips «Italian candelabr»

1. It is necessary to sensibly evaluate your physical capabilities. If there is no talk of any flexibility and power, and the last visit to the gym was held at the time of a foggy youth, you should not even start an experiment!

2. If everything is in order with physical preparation, you can think about how to facilitate the process. The most obvious option – What is called, «Lay the straw» In case of falling. In this role, pillows, laid out around the pair, can act. When the first option is selected «Italian candelabra» (With «bridge»), it is worth practicing on a large bed with a fairly solid orthopedic mattress.

3. A fairly progressive solution that will avoid injuries – swing for sex in which the girl will be reliable «fastened».

4. Another nuance – It is best to use the lubricant so that the penetration is as easy as possible, or take a pose «candelabra», when the girl is already excited to the limit and she has quite natural lubrication.

5. It is better to have such sex in a room where there is at least some light source – The position is complicated enough to try to do everything by touch.

6. As for erotic linen, you should either do without it at all, or choose it especially carefully. Long shirts and peignoirs made of slippery silk are accurately canceled – There is a great risk of getting confused in them. And sliding fabric – Not the best option, because you have to hold on to each other tightly enough! But body, Teddy, monokini made of lace or nets with cuts in the right places – noticeably more suitable solution. Also, a girl can wear a corset or lace bustier with a belt for stockings (stockings themselves are also acceptable). But it is better to refuse dense and high panties! They can only interfere.

7. If you want an erotic massage as a prelude, make sure that the oils are chosen for it that are very quickly absorbed – A girl who slides in her hands is very difficult to hold on weight even a trainer!

Successful experiments!

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