Kamasutra Pose 69 – all details about sex

Sex “Ball” – 69 pose of kamaatra.

Kamasutra is the most famous book about love, which has many ways and techniques for sex, and in this article we will talk about an interesting and erotic 69 pose “Ball”.

Do not confuse the pose 69 “Ball” with the famous pose, which is called “69”. It is for mutual oral satisfaction of partners and in this case we are talking about the location of the bodies repeating this number. Whereas with respect to the pose, the ball, 69 is just a serial number of a position in Kamasutra. In addition, in our list of provisions for sex, we give only traditional options, that is, for vaginal sex.

 Despite the funny name, the pose of 69 “Ball” is suitable for those partners who want to be as close to each other during sex.

, Kamasutra Pose 69 – all details about sex

Pose 69 sex – maximum proximity

For its performance, a man sits on a bed or floor, stretching his legs forward. A woman sets up in front of him with her back to her face, while she pulls her legs under herself. At this moment, penetration occurs, the partner moves itself, setting the pace and speed. It is worth noting that a woman needs some flexibility in order to maintain sexual intercourse in such a position, but she is free to change the position of the body depending on her sensations. The man can only support her and kiss her in the neck and back, and this is even excellent, because they often forget about these parts of the body, and they are no less sensitive in women. Such a affection can only excuse the partner and bring her a lot of pleasure. But if she enjoys, then no doubt a man will deserve his award, for sure the partner will be grateful for the gentle sex in pose 69.

Already by the picture you can understand that sex couples in pose 69 make it possible to feel the greatest proximity to two people. Such a technique can be recommended if the couple has long been in a relationship and experiences some routine. Kamasutra Poster 69 will help to experience new feelings and sensations that will give not only physical satisfaction, but also help to awaken internal energy. However, if you like just such a way of sexual intimacy, then you should not use it constantly in your intimate life. No matter how pleasant and attractive something may seem to you at the moment, with frequent repetition it is still tired of you. Try to walk as much as possible on all pages of the Indian book, try various positions with your beloved.

It is also worth soberly evaluating your physical capabilities. Some techniques require a lot of flexibility and endurance, and when they have sex in pose 69, it is also required. If you feel that it’s hard for you, then try to choose something more suitable. We also recommend changing positions directly during sex, then you can give your body a rest and experience a diverse gamut of feelings. Do not forget to follow the state of your partner, he should also enjoy everything that is happening, then you will fully follow all the recommendations from the creator of the Kama Sutra Mallanagi. In the meantime, just enjoy all the delights of the ball posing.

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