Mermaid’s pose in sex

Mermaid’s pose in sex.

Mermaid’s pose is one of the varieties of classic intercourse. The girl is located on her back, raises her legs up and takes them together. The man is located facing her heels, hugs his legs and performs frictions.

The low popularity of such a variation is due to the fact that there is no close contact between partners, it is impossible to kiss and make other caresses, and the impact on the clitoris is minimal. Ideal for variety, but from the point of view of effective stimulation of erogenous zones, the pose is not the best.

Mermaid’s pose on the bed

Bed, especially if it is soft, makes it difficult to penetrate, so you need to use improvised means. A pillow is placed under the buttocks of the partner, so the vagina is at a convenient height.

Thanks to the legs reduced together, the girl exerts a stronger pressure on the partner’s penis. On the forums, many noted that it is difficult to make frictions, the load on the feet of a man would not allow to spend a lot of time in this position. But it’s worth trying. For convenience, his partner can put his feet on the shoulder of the stronger sex.

Mermaid’s pose on the table

Initially, the mermaid pose was considered as a way to have sex in the kitchen. Therefore, the option with the bed can only be considered a miserable parody. Both uncomfortable and difficult and the penetration is not too deep. Interesting, but not effective. A completely different thing on the table!

The main thing is that the height of the table is suitable for the growth of a man, so that the level at which the genitals of the partner are located are located with the level of location of his genitals. Otherwise, everything is exactly the same.

The girl lies on her back, raises her legs up, takes them together. The intimate muscles in this position are as stressful as possible and the likelihood of obtaining a myotonic orgasm increases sharply as possible. Moreover, this is precisely what becomes the main incentive for such practice.

Especially in situations where the size of the clitoris is insignificant, sensitivity in intercourse can decrease and the achievement of orgasm becomes difficult. The problem is solved by stimulants and vibrators that are sold in sex shops, but another way to achieve satisfaction is the active work of intimate muscles. It is the mermaid pose that allows you to do this.

A man in this case stands on his feet, thanks to which he performs deeper frictions, does it in comfortable, for both partners, rhythm, and feels an enhanced compression of the penis. The fact that the companions are in front of him and there is no way to caress, makes sex to the best of stiff.

Variation on the side

The mermaid pose on the side looks just as described above, only the girl is located not on the back and her legs are not looking up, but to the side. They are also tightly closed and intimate muscles are tense. The compression effect of the male member is enhanced and the heels do not prevent him from looking forward or at the partner. There is an opportunity to stimulate the chest with your hands.

A couple of facts

It is important to understand that the clitoris stimulation in the mermaid pose does not occur at all. Neither a man nor a woman can do this, because the legs of the kopecks are tightly closed and the erogenous zones are not available..However, the use of anal toys nobody canceled, for example, the cork will additionally increase the pressure on the penis, which will make the intercourse a little more pleasant for an active partner.

With sex, standing at the wall of the mermaid pose is also relevant. Usually, in this form of sexual intercourse, the girl’s legs are divorced a little to the sides or as a rule are not very closed, but the mermaid pose implies their strong compression. By and large, all this is done specifically for a man. Here is such an interesting and not very popular position.

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