Missionary pose is the best for romantic and passionate sex

Missionary pose is not boring!.

, Missionary pose is the best for romantic and passionate sex

When it comes to boredom in an intimate life, about sex dull and devoid of passion, they usually say: “In the dark, under the blanket, in the missionary position”. The missionary posture has long become a synonym for a shameful marital duty, excluding enthusiasm in bed games.

A little story

In the Middle Ages, this position was considered the only charitable;It was she who, according to priests and doctors, contributed to conception, and after all, intimate life was needed only for the birth of children, everything else was considered lust and the soul that ruins the soul with debauchery.

The case of the time when a certain master made love with his wife, who did not move and did not make any sounds during intercourse, because the church forbade the church. In the morning, the man discovered that his wife was dead and he copied the corpse. The unfortunate one went to Rome to lure the sin of necrophilia, and the Pope issued a decree in which women from now on was allowed to give signs of life when having sex.

It is believed that the name of the pose originates from the first European missionaries who tried to convey the truth to wild tribes: the priests explained to the natives that this is the only way to engage in intimacy, for which they called the position of the missionary.

Victorian England added a missionary to the image of a boring and prudy: “Lady do not move” – the slogan of married ladies of that time. Not only did the ladies only humbly lie in intimate relationships, but it was also necessary to hide the slightest signs of pleasure.

In general, the renom of this classical pose significantly spoiled the religious-Khangenic morality, which the missionary did not deserve it at all.

Why missionary pose is romantic

In this position, it is very convenient to establish emotional contact – kissing, looking into each other’s eyes, whisper in the ear affectionate or exciting words. Peer into the face of a partner whose features distort the sweet culmination cramp – which can be more exciting in intimate games.

The missionary posture reflects the roles in pairs with classical masculinity and femininity: a man accepts physical work to satisfy a partner for himself while the girl simply enjoys the process.

How to diversify the missionary pose

It would seem that there are not many options for the combination of “man from above”, but there are also subtleties here.

Girls should not copy the Victorian ladies: showing the partner how pleasant his movements are a groan in the ear and rapid breathing, you can significantly raise a degree of passion. If you squeeze the skin on his back, and then quietly start a finger between his buttocks while the man works, this will probably have a lover to taste.

Girls who are difficult to achieve orgasm to ordinary sexual intercourse can double stimulation by taking a vibrator to bed. It is better to use a special vibro -bob, which is attached to the right place with straps. It will not prevent a man of frictions to a man with a certain dexterity, and the culmination of a partner with such double stimulation will be simply cosmic. It is known that the body of the clitoris is located not only on the surface of the vulva (head), but also inside the vagina, so the impact on different parts at the same time gives incredibly stormy orgasms.

Of course, it is worth trying this version of the missionary pose: the girl raises her legs and throws her partner on her shoulders or knels her ears – in this combination she is guaranteed the deepest penetration.

In addition, you can move towards a man, raising a pelvis – a great love game. And if the girl puts his palm on his ass, pressing his movements by pressure, directing and spurring, this will bring additional pleasure to both lovers.

Women with a trained vagina will deliver a lot of pleasant minutes to their partner, squeezing and relaxing the vagina – this is especially pleasant for men at the entrance of a member to the vagina, the resistance of the intimate muscles perfectly massages the head of the penis.

It is in the missionary pose that the majority of boys and girls receive their first sexual experience, and it is she who becomes a choice for couples in love, who have not yet lost the romantic fuse. It is unlikely that you can call a boring pose in which there are so many opportunities to get additional pleasure.

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