Pose 26 “Hook” – a description of the position of sex

Intimate pose 26 – Sex “Hook”.

The pose of 26 sex is called “hook”. This name is very consistent with the positions that partners occupy during intimate pleasures, namely a woman regarding a man.

, Pose 26 “Hook” – a description of the position of sex

Sex pose 26 – fell on the “hook”

26 pose in sex for someone may seem a little complicated and confusing, but in fact everything is quite simple. To perform a man should lie on any side. A woman fits in front of him, only her head should be at his feet. After that, she curls up with a kalachik and supports her legs to her chest, clasping the hips of a man with them. For convenience, she can grab his legs with his hands and put his head on them. At this moment, a man penetrates a woman’s vagina, helping himself with his hands that hold her ass. Sex in the 26th pose is a hook first in the hands of a man: he can set the pace of their sexual intercourse and the depth of penetration. Then a woman can intercept control and his movement, also making frictions.

The pose of 26 is quite convenient, but excludes the possibility of caresses, here all the attention is paid to the penetration of the penis inside the partner. For this reason, you can use this position as a respite after active movements or with severe fatigue both from the side of the man and from the woman. By the way, the hook is also suitable for anal sex, only you need to start with some preparation.

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