Pose 37 in sex – a detailed description of the position

37 pose in sex – how to perform.

37 pose called “rock and river”. By name, you might think that a woman here will act as a guitar, and a man in the role of a musician, but in reality everything is a little different, so we advise you to consider 37 a better position in sex.

, Pose 37 in sex – a detailed description of the position

Porn pose 37 – man dominates

For execution 37 poses a woman fits on her back, it is advisable to put a pillow under her head so that it is more convenient. Then she lifts her legs up. The legs should deviate a little back, that is, to approach the face, as if a woman is going to make a somersault back. The man sits on her knees behind her and penetrates her vagina.

Then he holds his hands on her hips and begins to move. To make a woman more convenient, she can hold the hands of her partner or hold on to the back of the bed. It is worth saying that in Pose 37 Kama Sutras The woman will have to be a little complicated, because she has to hold her legs at the top, so over time she can lower them on her partner’s shoulders, but it will already be a different pose. However, it does not matter that in the end it will be, the main thing is that both the woman and the man are pleasure during intercourse. For this, you open all the possibilities in the list of positions for sex for all occasions.

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