Pose 4 "Shiny triangle" – description

4 pose – “shiny triangle”.

The pose is a brilliant triangle so due to the form that a woman takes during her performance. Pose 4 Kama Sutras at first may seem quite standard, but this is all only at first glance.

, Pose 4 "Shiny triangle" – description

Pose 4 in sex – Girl at the helm

Initially Kamasutra Pose 4 resembles a missionary when a man is on top, and a woman from below. But the bottom line is that a man rests with his knees on a bed or any other surface, and a woman has to raise her lower body. Thus, the man just freezes at some point and the woman does everything, moving his hips towards the sexual organ of the man. The partner rises to the socks using this part of the foot as a support point.

As a result, the entire sexual intercourse will be controlled by a woman, it is she who will set the rhythm and depth of penetration. A man in this situation, of course, is much easier, he just needs to withstand the stand on his knees. However, Kama Sutra 4 pose is not designed for a long period: after a while, the girl can just get tired of lifting her hips, as if swinging buttocks, and a man may not overpower the rack for a long time. Therefore, it is worth considering a shiny triangle about the change of posture: for example, take your breath and accept the native, familiar pose of sex likely.

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