Pose 55 – Pose to stimulate the ji point

Intim-Up 55 in sex to stimulate the point g.

Pose 55 is called “G-stimulation”. Many might think that now a whole article will begin on the description of how to find the treasured gp and how to stimulate it correctly. However, the essence of this pose is precisely in the position of the bodies of partners, thanks to which you can enhance the pleasure of sex and allow a woman to achieve an orgasm.

, Pose 55 – Pose to stimulate the ji point

JI pose for a ji point – execution technique

To fulfill the fifty -fifth position, a woman should lie down down on the bed and raise her legs, pressing his knees to the chest. The man at this time settles behind her, holding her feet. In the Kamasutra Pose of 55, a man controls everything: the depth of penetration, pace and balance. The partner can only have fun. But although a physical effort is not required from a woman, but she can not be in this position for a long time – she may dizzy and the neck will start, so the pose will soon be better to change.

If a woman wants to throw off his responsibilities a little from a man, then you can throw her feet to his chest, while her hands should be on his hips to control her balance. G stimulation of the pose allows a man easier to perform other set tasks, thereby delivering more pleasure to his partner in this erotic position.

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