Pose 65 "Mermaid" – Description for sex

Pose 65 “Mermaid” – Sex like in a fairy tale.

Kamasutra Pose 65 his name refers to fairy -tale plots. To some extent, this is so, because the sensations that you experience in this position will be simply incredible.

, Pose 65 "Mermaid" – Description for sex

Kamasutra Mermaid – hit the network

Pose 65 is considered Pose of the mermaid, Since the girl’s position resembles her tail. To fulfill it, you will need a table, which is a big plus for those who want to diversify your everyday sex in bed. A woman fits on the table and moves her buttocks on his edge. For greater convenience, put a small pillow under her lower back, this will allow her not to experience pain, and you can be closer to each other. After that, the man raises her legs, reduced together, and penetrates inside. In this position, he completely controls everything.

If you do not have a suitable table, then all this can be done on the bed, only in this case the man should kneel. A woman must hold the edge of the bed or table in order to maintain a balance in a couple and not harm herself. She can also support her lower back with her hands so that it would be more convenient for a man to penetrate it, and she could hold her balance. Despite the visible difficulty, in Pose 65 sex He will bring a lot of pleasure. No less interesting and sexy and other poses are sexy when the girl is on the table.

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