Pose 71 Kama Sutras – Technique for sex

Sex in pose 71 – Woman on the side.

Kamasutra is a practical guide for people that helps to build normal strong relations not only on a physical, but also on an emotional level. The author of this ancient Indian scripture is to be the same, who actually became famous for this book. It says that in the world there are only eight options for how to have sex, in each of the ways there are eight certain positions. Each of the 64 positions is presented by the author as art. Currently, these boundaries are expanded and the list of poses is supplemented to a hundred provisions.

, Pose 71 Kama Sutras – Technique for sex

71 pose of the Kama Sutra

In this article we want to consider one of the Kama Sutra techniques in more detail – 71 pose for sex. So, 71 pose is what is what? First of all, I would immediately like to note that this is a pose on the side. Many of the people are constantly engaged in sexual intercourse in this position, but do not know what it is called. You can ask a question in the search engine – “the posture is called sideways” and he will give you a lot of options that can only be suitable for couples who want to experiment with their sex life.

Many of the provisions of the body in a sexual act got their name based on animal sexual relations, but here we will describe sex poses 71, which has a dance reference – “Samba sideways”. You can immediately relax, since you will not have to fulfill the complex “PA”, although sensual dances will perfectly fit into the process as a light prelude.

How to perform sex pose 71

To perform a pose, number 71 of the partner should lie on the back on a flat surface – a bed or floor, where it will be more convenient to make love. After that, she turns to one side and extends her legs forward so that her body forms a right angle. The man lies on top, holding his weight on outstretched arms. Then he carefully penetrates her and begins to move slowly.

To use this pose from both partners, very small physical training is required. A woman should be flexible enough to remain in a twisted position, and a man is strong in order to hold his weight for a long time. It is also worth noting that he should move slowly and carefully, so as not only not to injure himself, but also not to collapse with his whole body on a fragile partner. There are no more restrictions, if only Sex pose 71 you just don’t like it or complicated for execution.

, Pose 71 Kama Sutras – Technique for sex

The pose side has several advantages, consider them more details:

  • Each of the partners is in a relaxed state. Thus, if you are very tired after a hard working day, then this position does not require muscle tension, and you will not need to use your physical strength. 71 Kama Sutra pose determines that the main thing in it is only a female stretch, which can not be highly developed among many women. And if the energy still remains, you can go into more active poses.

  • A man in 71 positions is dominant, and this is very important for many partners.

  • A woman can completely relax and not make any movements in a pose 71.

  • At such an angle, the penis will completely penetrate the vagina, which will enhance the sensation when an orgasm is reached.

  • IN 71 pose of kamasutras A man completely hugs a woman’s body, which for many gives more excitement. Such a pose is natural for both partners, each of whom receives what he wants – a woman is completely under the protection of a man, and the man completely owns the body of his beloved.

Thus, today the ancient Indian book about love remains one of the most important, which tells us how to live, how to have sex correctly, how to diversify your sex life, etc. D. It should be noted that this scripture was not illustrated, and only in the 16th century the Mongolian painters decided to draw pictures-training for each position. These images still help many people understand how to execute this or that described technique of sexual act.

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