Pose 79 “Basket” – description for sex

“Basket” in sex – Porn pose 79.

Pose 79 bears the innocent name “Basket”.

, Pose 79 “Basket” – description for sex

Pose 79 in sex will not take much effort

To fulfill this position, a man sits on the floor or on the bed, then everyone decides that he likes. After he sits down, his legs stretch along, and at this time the woman sits on him from above so that their faces are opposite to each other. To make it convenient to sit, a man is recommended to bend one leg in the knee. Then he wrapps her hips with his hands and sexual intercourse in a pose can begin.

Sex pose 79 suggests that a woman takes on a leading role, as she controls the depth of penetration and the pace of sex. The man remains enjoys all what is happening and hold his partner tightly on himself, so that she does not jump off him in a fit of passion and does not fall out of bed. At the same time, he remains completely free access to the body, he can cover his partner with kisses in the zone of his neck, face and even breasts to more stimulate the sexual desire of his woman. Even Kama Sutrut No. 79 can be called the base, from it you can go to any other, and it will not take away a lot of physical strength from you, if you use it not too long and then apply a position convenient for a woman in which she will translate the spirit.

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