Pose 86 sex – description of the position "Indowne"

Sex “Indowani” – Porn pose 86.

The name 86 of the Indarani posture will seem strange and unfamiliar to someone. However, it is known to many couples. The name comes on behalf of one of the goddesses of the Indian people.

, Pose 86 sex – description of the position "Indowne"


Sex in Indrani Pose – Description

As soon as we begin to describe the execution of position 86, then everyone will smile, because it is familiar to many. For its implementation, a woman lies on her back and bends her legs in her knees, pushing them to her head. A man becomes behind a woman, between her hips, for more convenience, he should be kneeling. When he penetrates, the woman clasps his back with her feet. After that, he relies slightly on her, pressing his knees to his chest. A man translates all his weight in his arms that rests on the bed. Women’s hands are free, she can caress herself, a man or direct him, that is, give prompts in speed and depth of penetration.

Indrani’s pose is very convenient and is suitable for people with weak physical training. Another plus is that it is perfect for anal sex or for the first time girl. In sex pose 86 it will be easier to stretch the virgin Pleve and not create severe pain partner. And when a man gets tired, you can take a breath in a more relaxed position.

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