Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

The best poses for the first sex.

Virginity for every girl is something special, intimate. That is why, this step should not be treated frivolously and recklessly. And to help everyone get true pleasure from the first time, we want to familiarize you with information that should not be neglected during the first sex in life. Immediately you can choose the most suitable poses for the first sex.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Creating conditions comfortable for a girl for the first sex

The first sexual intercourse will forever remain in the memory of partners. And in order for this important event to leave only positive memories to carefully prepare.


It is very important for a girl that she is the first time in an intimate setting, where only you are and no one else. Therefore, you need to choose a place and time for the first sex so that no one will interfere with you – neither unexpectedly returning parents, nor suddenly came friends. It is also worth paying special attention to the place of your intercourse. The girl will be more comfortable and calmer to have the first sex in her life on a soft pleasantly smelling pastel with lights muffled in the room. It will not be superfluous to arrange a romantic environment for her, because no matter how – this is her first time!

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Psychological aspect

Do not immediately cross sex and persistently insist on it! This attitude will scare away your beloved, and she will not soon decide again for such a serious step in her life.

A good and win -win option would be a romantic dinner, during which you can calmly talk about pleasant topics and drink a little wine (for courage). Such an environment will relax and calm her, after which you can carefully move on to gentle caresses and sensual words.

And only after the girl feels confident and calm – you can start a sexual process.

The role of a man during the first intercourse

The first sexual experience for any girl is something special, and therefore her partner must show that there really is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. In this process, a man requires maximum tenderness and confidence that he does everything right.

In no case, the partner should behave rudely and too persistently, because this can lead to conflict. That in turn will not be the best act in the eyes of his innocent partner.

The most painless poses in sex for the first sexual intercourse

The first sex is an important event for every lady who requires careful preparation. It’s no secret that such sex often happens spontaneously, and this is not very good. In order to leave unforgettable and pleasant impressions, rather than develop disgust and fear of the opposite sex, as well as deliver a minimum of pain, it will not be superfluous to know how and in what position it is best to lose virginity.

Missionary position

For the first time, this pose is the best and 100% option in which the partner will receive a minimum of painful sensations. In this position, a girl can face her partner in the eye, he, in turn, can gently and affectionately kiss her. Thus, she will be able to relax as much as possible and accept a partner in herself, at the same time enjoying. To execute it, the partner should lie on his back and spread his legs widely, but a man should be inclined above her and (after the partner’s excitement and the production of a sufficient amount of natural lubricant, of course), a sharp movement to enter it, and then freeze (without taking out a member) until addictive)Vagin to the penis of a partner. And only after the further consent of the girl to continue the process of intercourse.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Volcano of desire

For this pose, a man needs to put a few pillows under his hips. Then he carefully and slowly enters her. For convenience, a girl can clasp him with her feet by her hips. The advantage of the pose is the additional stimulation of the clitoris of the pubic bone of a man.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Electric chair

A fairly unusual name for a pose for love pleases, which has nothing to punish criminals. The guy sits down on a chair, then the woman slowly sits on his genital organ. Both legs of the partner are on the floor, and the legs of the young ladies hang around. Movements in this way occur due to the jumps of the partner in the seat. It is extremely difficult to make rude jumps in this pose, but this is even for the better, because the mistress is not ready for rude and hard intercourse.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Eye contact

The lover sits down and rests with his back on the sofa, the partner sits on top, so that the lovers are facing each other. So the partners throughout the process will look into each other’s eyes and read in them crazy desire and passion. In addition, this pose gives the confidence to the partner, because the first sex accompanied by visual contact cannot be bad.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

The geometry of passion

To implement this pose, a hill is necessary, for example, a high bed. The partner should lie on the very edge of the bed so that her ass hangs a little. The guy is located between her legs, and the partner wrapps his hips with legs and he gradually enters her supple body.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Slippery type

Such a pose is suitable for a bolder young lady who wants to feel every centimeter of her partner. The woman goes to the stomach, the guy is located on top and begins to move back and forth along her body. So that the beloved was not so scary, the man must whisper her ear of gentle words and kiss her neck.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Close relations

The “Close Relations” pose is the unification of two lovers into one whole. This position allows a couple to caress each other, touch each intimate places, thus bringing even more pleasure. Lovers lie down on the side to each other, so that the girl is able to throw her leg on the hip of the partner. The couple hugs, caresses each other and learns the joys of adulthood.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?


The main role is played by a man. The partner puts the girl on her back, lifts her legs, puts them on his shoulders and presses on the hips with the body. Thus, the girl has no choice on how to trust her partner. Her delicate and elastic buttocks are raised above the bed, which gives full access to a delicate bud. In this position, the guy should not get very carried away and forget that under him is an innocent girl who has the first sexual experience.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?


Such a pose is perfect for more timid ladies who are very afraid of pain. In this case, the guy completely gives all the brothers of the reign to his lady. A girl can independently control the intensity of frictions and pressure power, moreover, if she is unpleasant, she will always be able to stop. The lover lies on her back, the woman is located on top and takes the penis in the hand, then gradually inserts into the vagina. At the first penetration, it is not recommended to rush, the girl should stop for several minutes and get used to the foreign body inside her treasured ring.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Woman on Top

The “Woman from above” pose gives the representative of the fair sex complete freedom of action. The partner independently regulates the speed and depth of entry. The guy lies on the shoulder blades, and the woman sits down on top and begins to move as she needs.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

How to reduce unpleasant sensations in a girl?

For the female half of humanity, the first sex is often interconnected with unpleasant sensations. And because of this, women in rare cases with the first proximity experience an orgasm. In order to reduce the intensity of pain and unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to use some mandatory rules:

  • The girl should be psychologically ready to become a woman.
  • There must be a correctly selected place for sex.
  • The partner should be well excited.
  • You need to choose the right pose for the first time.
  • The first contact should not be too long.

Do you need to use a lubricant?

In order to deprive a girl of virginity, do not disdain additional grease or lubricants. During the first time, your lover can be very tense, which will not allow her to completely surrender to pleasant feelings. In addition, lubricants will help a little anesthetize the entry.

What poses are not recommended for sex for the first time?

It is extremely recommended to deprive a girl of virginity in the positions when a partner is on top. Firstly, such a pose for her will be extremely uncomfortable. Secondly, it can cause discomfort and discomfort. Thirdly, blood will easily enter the partner and this can ruin the impression of the process. Fourth, a very young lady is unlikely to be able to deliver those very pleasant sensations not only to a man, but also to herself.

And for example, we will present you several options for poses in which it is not recommended to have sex for the first time:

A rider on the back

The girl lies with her back to the guy and rests her arms and legs on the bed.   , Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?

Not the best pose for the first time, as it can bring discomfort and an inexperienced girl is unlikely to agree to such an experiment for her first time.

Scissors + reverse rider

In this position, the partner lies on the shoulder blades and bends one leg in the knee, and the girl sits in the position of the reverse rider and wraps her partner’s bent leg with her loins.

, Pose for the first sex: how to do it for the first time?


It is worth remembering that for her first time a woman can hardly enjoy, so do not be upset due to the lack of orgasm. In addition, do not forget that the deprivation of virginity for a woman is a very important part of her life. Therefore, it is always worth paying attention to her emotional state and desire.

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