Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Convenient sex poses in the car.

If traditional sex in bed has already bored and does not cause a thrill, we advise us to experiment with other places, for example, in a car. The stereotype that intimacy in the car is a teenage theme is actually erroneous. Proof of this is numerous poses for sex in the car, which we will talk about today. These are classical positions, and different original ways, and all kinds of ideas for preludes and oral caresses. At the same time, take care of each other’s comfort and precautions.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Sex in the car

Conditionally, all positions for making love in the car can be classified on comfortable options, as well as those that suggest oral affection. And until you try all the options that will be proposed below, you should not end with experiments in your vehicle.

According to social surveys and statistical calculations, more than 30% of women and about 70% of men dream about sex in the car. And almost everyone perceives such experience as the flight from the environment and bored with reality, as well as in parallel with this as an exciting adventure.


Sex in the back seat is a sip of fresh breathing in intimate relationships of stable couples, as well as the only possibility of solitude in young children. Many are stopped by imaginary discomfort and inconvenience, but in fact such conditions only exacerbate passion and excitement.

The advantages of sex in the car are as follows:

  • new incomparable sensations;
  • spontaneity provoking maximum excitation;
  • The fear of being discovered, which further spurred the sensations;
  • Sex in the car is romantic, it can resemble youth;
  • high chances of achieving bright orgasm against the background of adrenaline and thrill;
  • This is a chance to be alone if a big family lives at home.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

In addition, it can be safely stated that the experience of intimate pleasures in the vehicle will always be a memorable event for partners, that they will warm the soul and take the memories later over the years.


Sex in the car is not always appropriate and comfortable, the time of the year and the location of the car solves a lot. The disadvantages in such a case are also present, the following points can be considered the most significant:

  • Lack of hygiene – there will be no bedding, the ability to wash hands or take a shower at the end of the process, many people do not like the smell of gasoline, exhaust, smoke, etc.;
  • discomfort is a close space in comparison with a wide marital bed, the need for flexibility and good physical shape, the impossibility of laying out seats in some car models;
  • inconvenience during undressing-because of small dimensions, it will be quite difficult to remove jackets, sweaters, trousers and shoes here in a warm season;
  • difficulties with emancipation – the fear of being seen by other extraneous persons, especially if the windows do not have tinting, can make it difficult to make the possibility of getting pleasure.

Comfort here is far from the ideal, from the solid dashboard or sides of the seats Partners can get abrasions and bruises.

The most convenient posts for sex in the car

The monotony and routine in the sexual life of partners can kill all passion and desire. To nourish emotions and feelings, sexologists recommend experimenting with positions, and with types of sex, and with location. A car is an opportunity to plunge into youth, as well as a fresh sip of air in sex between a man and a woman. It remains only to choose convenient and interesting poses, as well as games and methods of prelude.

Enjoyment on the roof

You can try such a pose in a secluded place away from prying eyes. Both partners climb to the roof of the car, stand facing each other on one knee, and bend the second. A man penetrates his partner, while holding her by the buttocks. The partner is responsible for the rhythm, intensity and depth of penetration.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Flight in ecstasy

This option will become interesting and comfortable when a man seeks to visit the “second pilot” position, and a woman rid him of efforts and responsibility. The man sits down on the passenger seat, and the partner sits on top to face him, while putting his legs on his shoulders. He will hold her by the waist, she control the rhythm and intensity of movements.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Sex drive

The next position from the Kama Sutra for motorists is sex drive, when a woman fits in the back seat of the car to her back, leaning slightly to the side, and the man leans on top of her. The partner needs to hug her legs in the buttocks, hold your hands behind your back. Such a pose allows you to see each other, kiss, whisper pleasant words in your ear, and both partners can immediately show activity.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Passionate driver

A woman sets up in the back seat, laying on her back, and the man kneels and gets in her. She needs to put one leg on the shoulder of her lover, and he, with her legs, sits on her thigh, with one hand takes up her knee as a support. The pace of movements, depth and intensity are controlled by the partner.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Classic version

If the classic is in bed – this is a missionary pose, then in a car – a pose of a rider. The man remains on the driver’s seat, the partner is on top, turning his back to him. A kind of man himself will be a seat for her, she will only need to make rhythmic movements up and down. An active role in this case is provided to a woman.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

A man from above

Both partners move to the back seat, a woman needs to lie down, throw her legs on her partner’s shoulders and enjoy his actions while he is on top of her. The main advantage of this option is a deep penetration that will give both partners a tremendous pleasure.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Use the hood

If you have already tried all the poses in pictures from your own experience, consider a new idea – sex on the hood of cars. The woman lies with her back on the hood, the partner followed in front of her, while raising her hips and introduces the phallus into her vagina. The rhythm and the speed and intensity of frictions depend on it, the woman can only obey and have fun.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures


Sex in the “Doggi-Stayl” format, when it becomes in the knee-elbow pose in the back seat, and the man is located on her knees behind her. In this case, there is a deep and maximum possible penetration, an ideal position for those men who love to dominate. In addition, many women in this position reach orgasm faster.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

Road to sky

In this case, a man will need to sit on the passenger seat in front or back. At the same time, his lady sits on him from above, but remaining her back to him and slightly spreading his legs to the sides. In this case, only she dominates, although a man can take her by the hips and control the rhythm of movements.

, Poses for sex in the car: 15 cool positions in pictures

If the car interior is too cramped, give up intense and sudden movements so as not to get abrasions and bruises. Choose a position with a smooth pace, creating comfortable conditions to each other.

Blowjob poses in the car

Not a single man will refuse that the woman delights him with pleasure with oral caresses, being in the car. But it is desirable that this is not in the process of driving, so as not to take risks. The main pose for a blowjob is as follows:

  • A man sits in a driver’s or any other seat;
  • The girl sits next to him, leaning down to the groin zone.

Another option is also possible – the partner lies between the chairs or on the back of the chair, while the woman sits in the back seat, performing his blowjob. The same position can be practiced, but already standing between the front seats to a man.

Cunnilingus poses in the car

If a man strives to deliver to a partner paradise pleasure with oral caresses, this can be done in several positions, namely:

  • The girl lies on top of the front seat, the man sits on the back, she spreads her legs to the sides, he approaches her face to her crotch.
  • Pose 69, when one partner lay on his back in the back seat, the second face to him, but upside down. As a result, oral caresses are made by both at the same time.
  • The girl is located between the two front seats, spreading her legs in different directions. At the same time, the partner sits in the back in the center, so his head is located near her bosom.
  • Also, any oral caresses can be performed when a passive partner is located on the hood of the car, and the active one is attached nearby.


If you strive to try intimate joys in your vehicle, do not make love while driving. This is not just a way to diversify the relationship, but also to get adrenaline, acute sensations and unforgettable pleasure. The numerous poses described above can contribute to this.

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