Poses with a small member – description and photo

The best posts for sex with a small member.

Many people are mistaken, thinking that the size of male dignity affects the quality of sex. In fact, numerous surveys and studies have shown that in such a piquant issue an important role is played by the ability to use what nature awarded. This applies to special equipment and poses with a small member.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

Tips for sex with a small member

Before we describe suitable poses with a small member, we will first give several generalizing tips.

Recommendations for girls

At the first proximity it is impossible to know in advance what you have to encounter. If reality and expectations did not coincide, then women should remember a few important rules:

  • the size is not so important. Most of the sensitive points are located on the outer part of the genital organs of a woman, that is, on the labia and on the entrance ring into the vagina. Thus, sexual stimulation can occur at any size of the male organ. In addition, the depth of the female vagina is not so great that a large “caliber” is needed;
  • In no case do not joke and do not touch your partner relatively small sizes. Men react very sharply on this topic, such mockery can be very hurt that they will affect sexual life;
  • Try to use female condoms. Now contraceptive manufacturers provide a wide selection of products, so female condoms are actively in demand. They should try if your partner has small sizes, which is why it is difficult for him to choose the right product. This will help to avoid slipping and unpleasant sensations;
  • Do not overdo it with grease. Excessive moisture will lead to accidental slipping during sex, so it is worth reducing the amount of lubricant;
  • Support the elasticity of the intimate muscles. If you can control the inner muscles, it will be easy to “draw” into yourself not even an erect penis. To do this, you can use special simulators or perform Kegel exercises;
  • Oral affection emphasis. It is not necessary to use special positions for a small member, small sizes are well suited for a deep blowjob. Experiment with this, if you manage to take the genitals as much as possible, then your man will be incredibly happy;
  • make purchases in a sex shop. So that your boyfriend experiences more pleasure during penetration, it is necessary to organize a tight girth of the genitals. For this, there are many products in the intimate store, for example, there are special warm -up creams that will expand the internal walls of the vagina. If you are brave, then you can choose anal plugs, when they are penetrated into the anus, the back wall spreads, narrowing the walls of the vagina.

In any relationship, it is important to remember that for high -quality sex, the size does not play any role. Emotional feeding and openness between partners come to the fore. You need to be frank before each other, and pronounce all the disturbing moments. To do this, communicate in bed without worrying about the consequences.

Recommendations for guys

The sizes of male genitals are most disturbed by the strongest half than the weaker sex. Before we move on to poses with a small member, you need to understand what should be called a small penis.

According to sexologists, the category of small genitals includes dimensions less than 12 cm, but the parameters from 13 to 17 cm are considered the gold standard.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

The recommendations below are for guys from the first category:

  • In order for the pleasure of sex to be maximum, it is necessary to select poses that provide the most dense contact. The options are suitable for this when the girl’s vagina is higher than the level;
  • To satisfy your partner, be sure to resort to preliminary caresses: kiss with her neck, chest, run with your hand over the delicate parts of the body and much more. The penis should be entered only after the woman will be excited as much as possible;
  • Its thickness will be more important than the length of the penis, since it is it that can affect the strength of the stimulation of the female vagina and dots G. During traditional sex, you can enter a finger inside and begin to stimulate the sensitive area;
  • Choose profitable posts for sex with a small penis, then brighten up the shortage of centimeters. There are special positions in which the depth and thickness of the female vagina will decrease, which means that the girl will receive more pleasure;
  • Constantly experiment. Do not get hung up exclusively on the traditional format of sexual intimacy. You can resort to anal and oral sex, in addition, it is worth trying with your hands, petting, cunnilingus. Such a variety allow you to have high -quality sex, despite the dimensions of the genitals;
  • It is also worth trying and use sex toys. True, the entire assortment in stores is more directed to satisfy the partner, however, its excitement will affect the partner.

The best posts for sex with a small member

The correctly selected position in sexuals will help to completely compensate for the lack of centimeters in the penis. There are many poses of poses especially they can be found in the Kamasutra. In order not to get confused in this huge list of poses, try to select those in which the girl’s vagina will be higher, the legs are crossed, and the pelvis moves more active.

Now consider the most popular poses with a small member:

  1. “Missionary on the contrary”

Convenient poses for a small member will start with the classics. In another way, this pose can be compared with the “rider” only the girl is more pressed against her partner. That is, it turns out to be from above, the knees press the bed, and the pelvis is to press as much as possible to the hips of the man.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

  1. “Lotus”

Another good option that will help the man to penetrate as much as possible into his beloved girl. To do this, the partner must sit on a soft surface, crossing his legs, the partner sits on top of him and is pressed as much as possible. If you have good physical preparation, then you can throw your legs on his shoulders.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

  1. “On the stomach”

The girl fits on the bed belly down. It is best to do this precisely on the bed, since the soft surface reduce unpleasant sensations. It is also better to lay a small pillow under the hips under the hips. The guy squats behind it and penetrates. To make both of them conveniently, the partner needs to bend the lower back as much as possible.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

  1. “Ridge on the contrary”

Another good pose for men with a small member, in addition, loves a strong floor when his loved ones sometimes take the initiative into their own hands and take leading roles in bed. In this position, the girl finds himself from above, but only sits with her back to her partner. He can lay a small pillow under his buttocks so that the pelvis “walked” towards the movements of the girl.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

  1. “Frog”

Another good position that allows the partner to get into the vagina as much as possible. The dominant role belongs to the girl, as she will control the depth, the speed of the penis of the penis.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

To fulfill this position, a man should lie on his back, and a woman sits on top of him, with his knees, and with her hands rested on the bed. So that the member does not slip during movements, it is necessary to first enter them inside, and then put the girl on yourself.

  1. “Branches”

It is worth saying that this position is suitable for a sports pair, since good physical preparation is required here. A woman bends down, while standing on her straight legs. A man stands behind her and penetrates the vagina so that she is more convenient, she can help herself with her hands, holding them by the ankles.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

The partner in this case controls all the movements and holds her by the hips so that she does not lose balance.

The advantages and features of a small penis

Although some men are shy of their small size, in practice they have several advantages:

  • With anal sex, the girl will not experience severe discomfort. Since the anus is not at all intended for sex, then with the first experience of a partner they experience pain. A small penis completely eliminates this problem and even, on the contrary, the pleasure in this case will be much larger;
  • you can do double penetration. This applies not only to gangbangs, but also sex using intimate toys. For additional stimulation and masturbation, a girl can be used by phallimitators, then a small member will not at all cause discomfort with such a “duet”;
  • The girl is much easier to make a blowjob;
  • during masturbation it will be much easier to work with one hand;
  • Scientists have noted that men with a little dignity are less likely to suffer from an absence of erection. In addition, there are no difficulties even after an interruption;
  • low probability of injury with non -standard poses;
  • You can have sex with girls of various buildings;
  • Such dimensions are perfect for stimulating the maximum number of erogenous points in the vagina;
  • It is noted that the owners of a small “instrument” are distinguished by more ingenuity in bed;
  • For a long time of petting and preliminary caresses. Many girls prefer to engage in long preludes, since they need more time to achieve maximum excitability. The advantage of a small member is that he can withstand an erection for a long time, which means to spend more time caressing his partner;
  • Suitable for the first sex. During defloration, some girls may experience pain, and if the member is very large, then this procedure will be harder. A small cock is perfect for virgins or for girls with a tight vagina. It is clear that the vagina can stretch, however, doing this is not always pleasant and useful;
  • You can find many convenient poses for a small member, however, stimulation of point G will be in any case. With medium sizes, the penis usually simply passes this zone, since it is located on the front wall of the vagina, about 4 centimeters at a depth of 4. In case of small size, it will be much easier to reach this zone.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

As we already said above, you should not immediately look for poses with a small member, because small sizes are ideal for the following sexual actions:

  1. Anal sex

A small penis is well suited for anal sex, since in this case the minimum probability that a girl can get a crack or other anus injuries. In addition, during penetration, the girl will not experience severe pain.

, Poses with a small member – description and photo

The indisputable advantages of such types of caresses include the lack of an unwanted pregnancy, as well as the development of many sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is still worth adhering to the main rules of anal proximity:

  • abundant lubricant – there is no natural lubrication in the anus, so maximum moisture is necessary to reduce trauma;
  • adhere to hygiene rules – before and after penetration, it is imperative to take a shower, treating the penis with soapy solution, so as not to get infection;
  • control movements – with anal sex, monitor the pace and speed, since the rear passage is more subject to injuries.
  1. Oral sex

After you find poses for sex with a small member, be sure to pre -resort to oral affection. And do not worry that the girl will refuse, because small size does not cause difficulties during a blowjob (a feeling of vomiting or pain). In addition, it is highly likely that the girl will try to do a deep blowjob after a small penis in front of her faces her.

A man should not worry at all about the size of his “tool” (which, however, you can independently increase), because the ability to use it comes to the fore. There are many sex techniques with a small member that will allow the partner to satisfy his beloved to the maximum. That is why it is worth remaining open to experiments in bed, as this is a great way to bring something new to intimate life. Thus, the numbers go into the background, missing quality and skills.

In addition, openness and sincerity between partners play a special role in relations. If any of the couple is concerned about the experiences regarding intimacy, then in no case should you be silent about it, otherwise it may affect the quality of the sexual activity. It is best to discuss it all with your loved one, most likely you will find a general solution and you can completely relax during sex.

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