Rider’s pose – how to perform correctly

KamaSutra Pose “Riddle”.

The Kamasutra Pose 2 is called a “rider”, which is suitable for real Amazons, because here a woman dominates a greater extent. So, the pose of the rider – how to correctly?

, Rider’s pose – how to perform correctly

Kamasutra Pose 2 in sex

In order to enjoy the Kama Sutra Pose 2, a man must sit on a bed or floor, crossing the legs in front of him. His back should be rejected, and as support it is necessary to use hands and wall or floor. A woman sits down on top of a man and wrapps over his neck with her hands, and with hips – the whole body. A lot is not required here from a man, it is enough to caress her partner, but a woman should move up and down. It is she who in the pose of the “rider” sets the entire rhythm and pace of sexual intercourse. So you learned about the pose of the rider how to perform it correctly.

Besides, Kamasutra Pose Poster Ideal for maximum penetration of the penis into the vagina. According to this parameter, the inhabitant pose corresponds to the reverse variation, when a woman sits on a penis with her back to a man. A man can help his lady during sex, for this he needs to be more convenient to rest on a firm surface and help her move up and down, the Kama Sutrav pose 2 allows you to do this. However, this is not necessary, he can simply relax and enjoy the process. True, it is not worth getting carried away with this: after all, girls love dominant men, so after a while it is worth changing the pose to another, where the partner will take a more active position that can be selected in the KamaSutra – for example, “fastener”.

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