Sex and yoga: teach new useful poses

Sex and yoga: teach new useful poses.

, Sex and yoga: teach new useful poses

In recent years, the popularity of yoga has been declining, but it is still practiced by a very large number of people. We suggest you combine pleasant with useful and learn a few poses that are suitable for both yoga and sex.

Yoga and libido

Sexual Medicine Journal («The Journal of Sexual Medicine») In 2008 he conducted research, which turned out that women who practice yoga more often want to have sex and receive intensive orgasms. And this is not surprising, because yoga classes:

  • give the body flexibility and mobility;
  • allow you to keep the muscles in good shape;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • guarantee good health;
  • relieve stress;
  • Salting.

, Sex and yoga: teach new useful poses

In addition, translated from Sanskrit word «yoga» means «Union, merger». The purpose of this practice – maintaining the harmony of the soul and body. There is a huge amount of scientific data proving that stress and a sobed body negatively affect the sexual attraction of a person. At the same time, yoga helps to relieve stress and restores internal balance. Your body becomes tightened, you learn to love yourself, and as a result, uncertainty in your own abilities disappears, as a result of which sexual life improves.

In addition, during yoga classes, you learn new poses that will be interesting to repeat in bed.

► Butterfly lying

How it’s done:
A woman lies on her back and surrounds herself with pillows. The legs must be extended to the position «butterfly» so that the knees touch the pillows. A man should be on top, as during love in a missionary position. To make the partner more convenient, the woman lifts her hips.

A woman in such a position is as relaxed as possible and can fully concentrate on her sensations, moreover, there is an opportunity for constant visual contact. The penis in this position reaches the point G and stimulates it, so that the woman quickly experiences an orgasm.

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