Sliding pose – Details of Kama Sutra

8 pose of Kama Sutra – “sliding”.

The pose of 8 Kama Sutra called “Sliding” refers to those positions in which both partners can relax, especially if they had greatly zealized before that (for example, in the “Waterfall” pose).

, Sliding pose – Details of Kama Sutra

Kamasutra Pose 8 – execution

For execution 8 poses of kamasuters A man should lie on his back, and a woman on him on top. The sliding pose suggests that the partner’s legs should be connected and extended, at that moment the man penetrates her, the movement up and down begins from the girl’s side. Thus, a woman seems to slide over a man, grabbing her hands by his neck.

This is something like a missionary pose, only a girl is located on top and she adjacent to her partner denser. Despite the fact that it may seem that both partners are resting, a woman does all the work. She sets the pace and rhythm of sexual intercourse in pose 8 in sex, choosing the speed of her “sliding”. The man simply enjoys the whole process, after a while you can change positions and the woman will be from below, then the partner will control the process. This is one of the lightest poses, but it is no less pleasant than everyone else.

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