The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration

The best poses for the first sex. How to lose virginity without pain?.

, The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration

Girls attach particular importance to the loss of virginity, drawing in imagination this event almost in great details than the wedding. The days have already passed when the day in a white dress certainly preceded the night without him, but the question remained: how to lose virginity most painlessly?

This is a strange word «defloration», Or when «It’s time»?

Gynecologists report anxious statistics: every year the girls resorting to the abortion procedure are becoming younger than. It follows from this that virginity is also lost at an earlier age. Of course, one can recall the times when the girls were married at 13 years old, and this was considered the norm, but now the doctors have almost unanimously converged in the opinion that there is no optimal age for loss of virginity. Although the same statistics claim that in the world this age varies from 16 to 20 years.

Recently, girls have become more pragmatic and make a choice in favor of an experienced man, and not a loving.

One way or another, all this seems to be a kind of sacred sacrament, filled with caresses, tenderness and vivid sensations, in no way related to pain, which in most cases is an integral part of the beginning of sexual activity. But maybe there is a way to reduce pain or completely avoid it?

Which pose is best for the first sex?

If you make a rating of answers to this question, it will turn out the following:

  1. Missionary or classic «A man from above»., The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration
  2. Knee-elbow or Doggy-style., The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration
  3. Lying on the side, facing each other or with his back to the partner., The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration
  4. A pose of a rider in a sitting position or «woman on Top»., The best poses for the first sex. Poses for virgins who have an act of defloration

How to reduce pain in case of virginity?

Even if you have chosen a missionary pose, you should not think that everything «will go like clockwork» – Prepare:

► CONTRATIVES: Pregnancy or infection with sexual diseases can occur even with the first sexual contact – You and your partner will be calmer if at least one «problem» will be solved. In addition, the damaged bolt is an actually open wound that will happily absorb any infection, and with a condom will still be more aesthetic – suddenly there will be a lot of blood.

► a full -fledged prelude: a girl must plunge into the process, forget about the problems of how to get excited so that a sufficient amount of lubrication is released, and the vaginal muscles relax. A loving guy is not too lazy to make cunnilingus, but only if this is not the first time, so many experiments 1 time – Not the best solution.

► Atmosphere of peace, amenities and purity: so that the girl is sure that everything will pass at the height, it is better to provide the appropriate conditions: fresh linen, an isolated room, comfortable and quite large bed, muffled light, pleasant aromas, etc.P.

► Lubrication: since excitement often does not allow to relax so that natural lubrication is released in sufficient quantities, you need to use an artificial lubricant, which will reduce friction, facilitate the introduction of a penis and reduce the possibility of mucosa injuries.

► Do not hesitate: the faster the rupture of the rifle will occur – The less pain the partner will experience, because even the splending of the rod itself can be very painful. Entering a member into the vagina of a virgin, a man will feel a barrier that must be overcome energetically, but not sharply. At the same time, the partner should not move away, but rather, with a slight movement of the hips to meet, then everything will happen quickly and painlessly.

In the missionary position, put a small pillow under the girl’s lower back: this is how the angle of penetration will be more natural, and the sensations will be less painful. It is also recommended to raise your hips or pull your knees to your chest, opening the best access for a partner.

The first time is not the time for experiments?

If the missionary pose does not bring proper satisfaction or causes discomfort, it is worth trying something else:

  1. Knee-elbow pose: you need a pillow, only this time it will be necessary under the chest or face. The girl will have to practically spread on the bed, pressing her cheek and chest, bending in the back and raising her hips.
  2. The pose lying on the side – or «spoons», As it is often called, it can also be convenient, and also help to hide the constraint on the partner’s face. Lying a millimeter from each other and completely repeating the contours of the body, you already imitate the merger into a single whole, which will significantly calm the girl and instill confidence in the young man.
  3. Pose of a rider in a sitting position – Let’s call her «Pose for brave» – will allow the girl to control the pressure and the depth of penetration, which, in turn, will instill a certain confidence in her and calm down, allowing him to relax. In this pose, it is important to feel the support of the partner, including physical: let the man, comfortably sitting on a chair or in an armchair, holds his hands on the girl’s hips or under her buttocks to catch her at the right time.

The main thing is not to expect too much from each other: overestimated requirements lead to disappointment and unjustified nervousness during the process itself. Prheardly attention to the partner and on time the shown care can become a much stronger trump card than experience or a correctly chosen pose.

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