The strangest pose of the week

The strangest pose of the week.

There are couples that cannot start experimenting in bed, but there are, on the contrary, those who do not want to repeat each of their sexual intercourse. Today we will add you another unusual pose to your file cabinet. Try! Enjoy!

Pose "Tin soldier"

You will need some kind of hill on which a woman can stand. It can be a very low long chest of drawers or a cabinet.

How to implement this pose? A woman becomes a hill and spreads her legs, sitting slightly. A man approaches her, and enters her standing. When a man penetrates, he can start moving, holding a woman by the hips, so that she can be easy to stand. As you already understood, this pose is ideal for couples, where partners have very different growth. In this case, it will be convenient to try this post with a couple, where the guy is much higher than the girl.

The advantage of the pose is that the woman spreads her legs and sits down, leads the muscles into tone, making the vagina already, and, therefore, the sensations become stronger and brighter. For steam with the same growth, such a pose will seem uncomfortable, although you can try to experiment.

If you still do not need a cabinet, then stay standing and get sex standing.

In the pose “standing face to face”, When the bodies move, the woman’s clitoris is pleasant. And in the pose “The man is behind” It is convenient for a man to penetrate a woman and move. For the first time it is worth using the wall as a support. You can lean against the door or wall of the cabinet, if confident in their reliability.

, The strangest pose of the week

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