We calculate the poses in Kamasatra? | Informative

We calculate the poses in Kamasatra?.

, We calculate the poses in Kamasatra? | Informative
A treatise on love “Kamasutra” was created in the III-IV centuries.e. And although he is more than one and a half thousand years, he is still used to comprehend the sacrament of love. Modern reprints contain many new data that was not in the source. And how many poses in this book are actually presented?

Who wrote “Kamasutra”

“Kamasutra” is a book that is dedicated not only to sexy poses. This is a big book about how the relationship between a man and a woman should take shape. This is a set of rules characteristic of eastern countries in past centuries. The source was created in the State of Guptov, written in Sanskrit.

Only a fifth of the book is devoted to poses in which people can make love. Much more words are said about how to care for a woman, how to play a wedding and how to build a relationship after her. A large section is devoted to seduction, and a married man should have been mastering it in order to delight his wife every time.

How much poses for sex exists?

The author of the Kamasuters proposed 8 ways to make love. Each of them in 8 different positions. For example, there is a “rider” pose, and this is one of the ways to make love, but it can be embodied in different ways, there are 8 options.

A total of 64 postures were presented in a classic treatise. In further, illustrations were created for the convenience of understanding the location of bodies, in the initial version of the pictures there were no.

But modern experiments have allowed to add new positions, and books of the twentieth and 21st centuries have more than 100 poses.
., We calculate the poses in Kamasatra? | Informative
Most poses in the book are devoted to vaginal sex. But now the leadership is adding information about oral and anal caresses. There are tips for a blowjob in the classic treatise, but it is made for eunuchs. Therefore, the author did not consider the same-sex contacts to something condemnitative.

Cunnilingus is mentioned only once, like a pose 69. Her description is only in two lines and marked that not everyone should do it.


Sex is only part of the interaction of a man and a woman. This is important, but not the main. In this case, the connection of bodies is not a sinful act, but the path to the knowledge of the highest. There is nothing shameful in this, and even if this does not happen in marriage.

So that the couple is harmonious in bed, you need to correctly build relationships. It all starts with courtship and seduction when a man makes a lot of efforts. It is his interest that is driven by relations in the first stages.

Then the sacrament of the wedding occurs. And here it is important to observe the rites. But even after it it is necessary to seduce the satellite so that he wishes intimacy.

Fulfilling the rules of a man and a woman allows you to harmoniously build an alliance. And although the rules from the Kama Sutras are outdated, each culture has its own traditions. Following them helps to strengthen the relationship.

What should you learn in such an ancient book? Understanding that sex is not the main thing. That the poses need to know and try, but if there is no harmony in other areas in the pair, then nothing will work out in sex.

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