Elite sex toys. Why do people pay for the premium model? | Questions about sex toys

Elite sex toys. Why do people pay for the premium model?.

, Elite sex toys. Why do people pay for the premium model? | Questions about sex toys
Premium sex toys exist and are in great demand. These are high -quality models from leading brands. Their price is much higher than that of the average segment. But everything is completely: from packaging to control. What toys are worthy of attention?

How premium goods are created

The best goods Created for a very long time. This is always the own technologies of the company that give pleasure. Therefore, the process begins with the development of some model. Details are being worked out for a long time, a variety of tests occur. From one to five years old is spent on the creation of one stimulant.

The company developer creates a laboratory where different specialists work immediately: from designer to doctor. Designers, engineers jointly develop forms, modes, materials. Each stage of creation ends in testing.

After a long development, production is organized. And attention It is given to each detail: strict quality control occurs. And everything always looks very presentable: from the toy itself to the box in which it is sold.

Famous brands really value their reputation, it is important for them that customers enjoy their product. Therefore, very often premium have a greater guarantee.

What is the difference between elite models

What is the difference between the premium model? It is not only in the development process, but also in components, functions, special technologies.

  • Great materials. All of them meet quality standards, suitable for frequent use. There are no harmful impurities in the composition, so the user knows that operation does not pose threats to life and health.
  • Safety. Premium toy cannot harm a person, even if it breaks. She will not hit the current, will not scratch, will not cause any injuries. The design is reliable and practical.
  • Guarantee. Such a toy serves for several years, if something happens in the first year, the manufacturer replaces the model. If after 5 years, they give a large discount on the next sex toy.
  • Unique functions. This is not a copy of what someone else has already come up with, it is always something new and amazing. Even ordinary vibration can be different, and the developers always present new products, and do not borrow ideas from someone.
  • Great components. Inside reliable motors, capacious batteries. They do not save on them, they are really created for long work. Of course, these are complex mechanisms, they do not need to drop, heat them. But with normal operation, they last much longer than cheap sex toys.
  • Decor. The design is thought out so that the sex-tovar looks presentable. But at the same time it is convenient, just cope with him, there are no difficulties with management. There are often stylish details that decorate the products.
  • Package. Any premium goods can be given. And it doesn’t look like it or vulgar. The packaging is always presentable, there is no need to additionally use paper for decoration. And such a present will not seem to anyone vulgar.
  • Price. This is a consequence of all previous points. It is high. But this is a fee for quality and special functions, and in time these costs are justified.

., Elite sex toys. Why do people pay for the premium model? | Questions about sex toys
Dear sex toys are often compared with good machines. After all, it is important for someone to just go, and someone wants to feel special. And that is why the choice often falls on the premium, which looks better, and in use is much more pleasant.

Primium brands of sex toys

There are many companies in the world that prize products. Sometimes this is handmade, and all the works are piece. But organizations that are represented all over the world and offer the best sex toys, units. If you ask what kind of brands these are, the user will be able to list them without effort.

The best brands work in the USA and Europe, Russian companies have not yet conquered the world. At the same time, American and European production is a real guarantee that the subject will last a long time.


Lelo was founded in 2003, and its foundation is the union of three designers who decided to make the world better. They created sex toys that can be proud. They combined innovative technologies, convenience and pleasure.

The main office of the company is in Sweden. But there are small representative offices in different countries. And already millions of people use Lelo products to enjoy.

All the sex toys of this brand look very elegant. The special style of the brand is noticeable in the design, in appearance and packaging you can guess who did this thing. At the same time, special technologies are hidden inside, which are high -quality among competitors.

The best sex toys from Lelo

Today, several dozen models are on sale. Choosing the best is very difficult. But we will talk about the three most popular.

Lelo Sona 2

Sound massager is an improved version of vacuum toys. She is so actively involved in the part of the clitoris that is located inside the body that a woman cannot experience pleasure. It is very intense, but pleasant stimulation. A special Cruise Control function helps the toy adapt to a woman, and it is worth a little more to lean the device to the body, how the speed will increase.

Lelo Ora 3

The perfect imitation of oral caresses is now possible with Lelo Ora 3. Special technology has no analogues in the sex gadgets market. And toy movements are very similar to the caresses of the tongue. But at the same time, the device does not get tired, it can work until 4 hours in a row. Using sex assistant is permissible in the bathroom, he is not afraid of moisture. And thought -out regimes will allow you to feel touches every time for a new time and receive bright orgasms.

Lelo Tara

The best vibrator for steam is developed taking into account physiology, it adapts to body shape, and any pair with it in bed is convenient. A stimulator is placed on the woman’s body, but does not interfere with vaginal or anal penetration. And one part massages the clitoris, and the second internal sensitive zones. And not only vibration occurs, a submersible process makes rotation, which is very unusual. Control from a remote remote control, and you can change the intensity by simply tilting the remote control.


Standard Innovation Corp, the owner of the We-Vibe brand existed until the summer of 2018. Today the brand exists, but is the property of Wow Tech Group. In 2003, the founders of the company came up with the idea – to create a vibrator for steam, which complements classic sex. And in 2008 they presented the world a device that made sex at times better. A special form allowed millions of couples to make their sex life more interesting.

We-Vibe brand was one of the first to propose from a smartphone for sex toys. And in the collection of goods there are excellent models that are really suitable for people with different anatomy. Brand employees learned to create things that can adapt to the body.

The best sex toys We-Vibe

Today the market has a lot of We-Vibe sex toys, all of them are of great quality and are suitable for regular use. Many models call the best experts and sex bloggers. We have allocated 3 best-selling sex toys.

We-Vibe Sync

One of the best vibrator for steam, which is ideally located between bodies. It stimulates the girl’s clitoris, the front wall of the vagina and the head of the penis of the man. And all this is controlled from a remote remote control or from a smartphone. And if you want something special, then you can use not ready-made modes, but create your own. High -quality silicone, a completely waterproof body and a guarantee are important differences in the model.

We-Vibe Ditto

Anal traffic jam with remote control is a find for men and women who want to enjoy not only at home. The form is convenient, placed in the body and does not interfere with movements, the limiter is located between the buttocks. And at any moment the toy can be turned on. She works completely soundless, does not attract attention, and gives pleasure a lot. Presented in two colors, easily washed, suitable for frequent and long use.

We-Vibe Moxie

A vibrator for panties is also a solution for wearing. But it stimulates the girl’s vulva, which easily leads to orgasm. A small vibrator is attached to linen, placed it at the clitoris. And at any time from the application on the phone you will be able to enable vibration. Management just entrust the partner, and it will be even more interesting. And if desired, you can synchronize with the application of another person who is at the other end of the world. This is a great solution for virtual sex.


Once the technology of Womanizer has changed the sex gate market. The founders of the company created the first wave or vacuum stimulator that guaranteed women a quick orgasm. A special effect stimulated the clitoris inside and outside, without touching it. And this effect conquered the world. Over the past 10 years, many similar sex toys have come out, but Womanizer models are still considered the best, and they will improve the technology every year to give women pleasure.

Today the Womanizer brand belongs to Wow Tech Group. And the development of new models is underway. And premium goods of this brand are bought by those who are ready to use only the best things.

The best sex toys from Womanizer

Womanizer is a brand of goods for women. Pay attention to the latest models, they combine innovative technologies, stylish design and the best components. All products of this brand are worthy of attention, but we have chosen 3 best sold.

Womanizer Premium

The ideal clitoral stimulator works at 12 speeds. You can choose the right or autopilot. And an orgasm will come in a few moments. At the same time, the presence of Smart Silence is important – the movement turns on only when the skin is touched, it is worth removing the toy from the body, and it itself is turned off. Works very quietly, but at the same time powerful. Pleasant to the touch, the shape is convenient for the use of solo and paired. A toy that looks harmless does not attract attention. But the owner always knows that this is the best model.

Womanizer duo

Sex toy for those who like at the same time external and internal stimulation. Outside, the clitoris is massaged in waves, and a pleasant vibration spreads inside, and a feeling of fullness makes what is happening magical. Only 4 control buttons, and first you need to figure out what will take a couple of minutes. And then turn out to gradually increase the rhythm of exposure. Two parts of the toy are controlled separately, which is very convenient. Use the device is more convenient for masturbation. And although the device seems large in appearance, it is convenient to lie down in the hand and does not weigh at all.

Womanizer Liberty

A small stimulator with a lid is created for travel. It can be taken with you on the road, even on vacation. Only 6 chic modes are able to give bliss. Including a nozzle for a large clitoris, you can choose one of two for use. Waterproof body, fast charging and convenient use are the main advantages of the model. Particular advantage – affordable price. And although this is a toy from the premium brand, everyone can afford it.

Questions about elite sex toys

Most premium toys adaptive toys. They adapt to body shape, so they are suitable in 90% of cases. But still there is a chance that something will not like. But millions of people appreciated these sex toys very high, and if they do not like, then all the others will disappoint too.Breakdown of elite toys is very rare. But if this happened, contact the store where you bought a toy. If the warranty lasts, the device will be replaced with a new. Delivery is carried out at the expense of the store. Repair of sex toys is not carried out.Premium devices look completely different. Everything is perfect in them to the smallest detail. Such a thing is pleasant to hold in your hands and use. It is better to buy something better quality and enjoy many years than saving on intimate items. The pleasure of premium goods cannot be compared with something else.

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