Go there, I don’t know where, buy it, I don’t know what – the first trip to the sex shop | The best sex toys

Go there, I don’t know where, buy it, I don’t know what – the first trip to sex shop.

, Go there, I don’t know where, buy it, I don’t know what – the first trip to the sex shop | The best sex toys
It is very good that gradually, thanks to a long popularization of the topic of sex toys and discuss their benefits, the need and other factors of self-satisfaction, Sex shops cease to be silent taboo And the reason for jokes. We all remember our first meeting with adult shops. Awkward and clumsy glances towards signs "18+" And "For adults", Slow creeps towards the door, behind which is hidden something unknown, curls with friends… Then sex shops went online, and there was less awkwardness) Let’s talk about where to look when you get into the Internet sex shop.

Already when I really became interested in toys, I decided to order something online, protecting myself from the awkwardness and indecision that attacked me for some time every time I walked past the doors of living stores.
And how I took my order: I waited for everyone to leave the entrance, hid from a meeting with the views of other visitors, did not want to leave personal data ..

I went to the site and my eyes ran up.
I wanted something for personal pleasure and pleasant pastime alone, and here phallos, Vibrators all colors and shapes, stimulants, and in general what is not. I now understand this in almost every toy and by eye I can determine where it adapts and what pleasure it gives, and then I really lacked some instructions for embarrassed people who did not personally ask anyone about it, and justopening the world of sweet sensations and orgasms.
And so, remembering all this, the idea was born for this article!
I will tell you what is included in a good initial set for self -satisfaction!

Sex toys for girls

To know your body and study erogenous zones, for the first time it is better to take Vibrator-Roller (this is when there is a special vibrator "process" for the clitoris), capable of both external and internal stimulations.

The best clitoral toys Now the market is considered Vacuum vibrators, acting on the sensitive head of the clitoris with air flow, With the effect of suction, who brings the girls to a pleasant trembling in the legs.

Manufacturers are very distinguished here Satispyer And Womanizer, Whose stimulants They became literally legendary last time.
However, only the former has a vibrator -collar, which instead of clitoral processes with conventional vibration – just a vacuum nozzle!
Just imagine how much pleasure in one small toy! Satispyer Pro G-Spot will allow you to get a sea of pleasure, starting with a prelude.
You will move to the sweet negg to double the most delicate stimulation, which simultaneously affects the legendary point G and the clitoris head itself, the nerve endings of which will be asked more and more. You cannot avoid powerful orgasm!

By the way, not only the clitoris or the internal walls of the vagina, but also Anal ring.
Yes Yes! And you can’t even imagine how pleasant it is for guys and for girls an external and internal stimulation.

For dreaming about anal caresses, I would advise you to take or Anal plug for beginners, or immediately a set of corks, in which the diameter gradually increases.
It is safe, and there is enough set for a long time.

For example, Jelly Rancher NOVELTIES is perfect for novice fans of anal sex.
Pleasant to the touch and Safe medical silicone will not leave you indifferent, you will like from the very first touch as soon as you take your first cork in your hands.
Seamless toy is created for your comfort, and to deliver you unrealistic pleasure! Having played with the smallest trial, you can switch to a larger diameter, to a new level of unique pleasure. By the way, cork can be used with a rabbit. Double penetration. The simultaneous stimulation of a large number of points that differ in particularly strong sensitivity will bring you to a breathtaking orgasm that takes to heaven from pleasant sensations!

Great first toy can be Vibroyayko – This is a type of small vibrators, usually up to 8 cm in size.
Many people prefer them to other toys because of their multifunctionality, because an egg is a device for internal and external use, and Great stimulant your most sensitive areas of the skin, allowing you to look for all new ones;)

A chic option for those who are just starting to experiment in this area – this We-Vibe Jive. A large number of functions, soft medical silicone, Remote control from the phone using a special application.
Jive will allow you to truly enjoy passionate sex!
Vibroyayko, thanks to convenient control, can be used in paired games or even in public, volume even at high speeds does not have a toy.

You can also start with Vibropul.
Also, a type of miniature vibrators that do not make a pocket, but allow you to perfectly understand your body and what kind of toy you need.
Vibration massager We-Vibe Tango will be your companion in the world of new and pleasant sensations.
Thanks to small sizes, tango can be taken with you anywhere, which means you can be naughty anywhere;)
The pointed tip provides accurate stimulation, and the flat edge is suitable for massage of sensitive and erogenous zones.
Vibropuli can also be used as a vibro element for other toys. Know your body first, and then the assortment of adult stores;)

Sex toys for men

, Go there, I don’t know where, buy it, I don’t know what – the first trip to the sex shop | The best sex toys
Men will find too A wide variety of goods, with whom you can have fun.
The most popular attribute of the male collection of sex toys are Masturbators.

Surge Pink Lady from Fleshlight Lady – This Narrow hole, chic inner relief, Very soft pleasant material, as similar as possible to real female skin, and just your conductor in the world of unique sex!
Before using the internal toy tab can be heated in warm water, This will add realism to what is happening.
It is perfect for those who like to masturbate for a long time for some erotic film, a sex correspondence or under the fantasies of a hot partner.

You can start searching for new sensations and with prostate massage, Which, by the way, very good for health.
The prostate gland enriched with the nerve endings and the entrance to the anus with stimulation will take you to heaven from pleasure.

For beginners, sets from a special shape are perfect that allows you to massage the necessary sensitive points. Bootie SET FUN FACTRORY represents a Three traffic jams curved shape of different sizes.
Starting with the smallest, you will open and study the world anal caresses, Gradually entering the taste. When this will not be enough, you can take a larger massager and plunge into new sensations.

For paired pleasures, you can take a closer look at Erective rings with vibration.

For example, Flutter-Ring You will like both.
Soft and elastic material tightly wrapping around the barrel of the penis, what slows the outflow of blood and provides a stone and long riser.

Imagine you can enjoy each other!
And the vibro element will fit tightly to the intimate places of the girl, stimulating sensitive skin and clitoris.
Just one thing, but it is she who is able to turn your night into a passionate and uniquely hot!

What else to buy

, Go there, I don’t know where, buy it, I don’t know what – the first trip to the sex shop | The best sex toys
But the most important thing, Do not forget about lubrication!
In any type of sex, it is better to have a lubricant, so as not to interrupt in the process, if he dragged on, not to suffer from microtrauma and gratings, not to be distracted by discomfort in the most interesting place!

Water -based lubricants are best suited to toys, they go well with any materials, do not have smells, do not leave traces of skin or clothing. Great option, no matter how much replenish the arsenal of vibrators and phalluses.
Lubrication Hot Aqua, For example, she saved me every time, whatever whim this time I have: anal sex, vaginal stimulation, clitoral pleasure, and so on ..

I repeat, Suitable for all toys From any material.
There are separate varieties of lubricants: Anal, Vaginal, edible For oral sex, warming, With the effect cooling..
But here you will already understand further yourself, after having been alone with yourself, you will understand what exactly you like!

Do not forget about the care of toys!
You can not always just rinse them with warm water and soft soap.
Medical silicone, for example, and cybercota, the material of the latest generation, should be cleaned special sprays.

But toy manufacturers, of course, know what exactly you need, and therefore some brands have their own cleansing facilities. For example, Fleshwash from Fleshlight It copes with extermination from surfaces of any viruses and microorganisms, while it does not have ethyl alcohol and absolutely hypoallergenic.
"Everything that comes into contact with the genitals and mucous membranes should be sterile clean" – claims Fleshlight, and here it is difficult to disagree with them. This spray is simultaneously effective and safe for the human body!

Well, for your first orgasms, you are probably equipped.
Do not forget to know yourself and give yourself pleasure. By the way, if you yourself find out where to stroke, and where to squeeze, understand how to bring yourself to orgasm, then it will be completely easy to explain to any partner!
And toys for beginners We will probably analyze the next time;)

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