Lovense. Sex technology in each bedroom | The best sex toys

Lovense. Sex technology in each bedroom.

, Lovense. Sex technology in each bedroom | The best sex toys
On all sides, the latest and advanced technologies – almost everything can be done in one movement of the finger. Modern man is obsessed with technology. We do not imagine life without a computer, smartphone, messengers, heaps of gadgets and devices. The sex industry did not stand aside. Almost one of the first, the American company Lovense picked up a new idea About a fantastic cybersex.

Brand history

The founder of the company has experienced the difficulties of love relations at a distance from its experience.
Make sex toys that can be Manage via the Internet, And enjoy the proximity with a partner, being at a great distance, became his dream.

In 2010, he begins to experiment with sex technologies.
As a result of painstaking work was born Remote pleasure – Teledildonik.
To the general joy of steam around the world, the company released a vibrator controlled using Skype.

The research continued, designers and techno worked in the sweat of the face.
In 2013, the first products were launched – Max And Nora.
Max is an innovative Bluetooth Mastery for Men, Nora is a Bluetooth -vibrator type "rabbit" for women. Of course, they began to work in pairs – The first gadgets synchronized.

The company did not stop there.
Using the real experience of using a Bluetooth vibrator and traditional vibrators on remote control, they began to work on the creation of a gadget For sex games in public places.
A whole year of testing, optimization, and in 2015 I saw the light of a powerful vibrator-pool Lush. This pink baby and a special application developed by the company just tore the sex industry market.

In mid -2016, the line reached HushThe world’s first television -tier anal traffic jam.

In 2017, several products from Lovense were released at once: Ambi, vibro pool with a unique external form; Domi, Super powerful massage mini-fuse;And OSCI, Vibroostimulator for Go-point.
In addition, a team of developers released two new applications.

Thinking about new toy models, the company does not forget to improve the previous.
It was specially created adapter Lovense USB Bluetooth to connect any Lovence toy to PC with Windows or Macs in a few simple steps.
Very soon, the company will delight us with new products – this is a vibrator -pool, Magic Wand, A massager for a prostate Edge And Panty Vibe.
So absolutely everything – and "Solo" Users and vapors LJ&MM&MZH, they will enjoy innovative sex toys from Lovense.

The whole line is presented in our online store "smart" Sex toys from Lovense. Here is a small overview of these miracle devices.

Sex toys Lovense

, Lovense. Sex technology in each bedroom | The best sex toys
All sex toys can be controlled remotely Using a smartphone (Bluetooth), at a great distance using the Internet and, of course, synchronize among themselves. Compatible with:

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPod Touch iOS 9.0 and Later
  • Android 4.3 And Later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Windows PC (Needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter To Connect)

Very simple Connected to video chats (webcams) Using the Lovence Connect program.
Your toy will start react to the sound of tokens, You just need to download the program on the company’s official website, there is also a download and install browser Lovense Browser. And your partner can take control of your orgasm in his own hands.
You can configure your own vibration modes or include stimulation in the beat of music.

  • Max – revolutionary masturbator, for your pleasure.
    A few updates have been developed from the moment of release of the very first model.
    Now it can be attributed to vacuum masturbators, since it installed in it a Lovense pump patented.
    Two pumps located on the sides of the pump create real sensation "sucking" and allow you to regulate the intensity of pleasure.
    The inner surface of the sleeve is made of the latest, soft and velvety as the skin of the material that has a pimped texture for additional stimulation.
    Can be used for masturbation solo, or you can Pares with Nora for sex at a distance. Thanks to the produced separately adapter, a couple can be made with the rest of the sex toys of this manufacturer.
  • Nora – Bluetooth -vibrator type "rabbit".
    In addition to the fact that it is synchronized with a smartphone and masturbator, and Ideal for cybersecx, He is also good as a vibrator as a whole.

    The main head of the soft silicone rotates in several modes, the process for stimulating the clitoris is also equipped with a powerful motor for vibration.
    Busins move inside the vibrator’s trunk, which can be felt when the device is entered into the vagina. The control buttons based on the vibrator make it possible to work in "manual" mode. Silent and waterproof.

  • Lush-the most powerful Bluetooth vibrator.
    Pleasant to the touch and funny in shape, suitable for masturbation, paired game and playing at a distance.
    Two motor and antenna to enhance the signal on "tail".

    This silent baby Suitable for use in public places, Action radius up to 10 meters.
    And of course, all pleasantnesses and amenities from working with applications for smartphones and remote control have been realized.

    A crazy number of enthusiastic reviews made this device with a sales hit.
    "The orgasm from this little thing is comparable to the comet, which rushes at a frantic speed and suddenly explodes with lightning speed, breaks up into thousands of pieces. The state of weightlessness. And then this star dust slowly soars in the muffled light of consciousness" – These words confirm that our customers do not regret the purchase of Lush.

  • Hush – universal vibrating anal cork.
    The ideal form is the result of long works, calculations and tests. Be sure, the cork is not "elbow", And it will be where you left it.

    Convex spiral at the bottom at the base was created to delay the lubricant and make extraction convenient and comfortable.
    Powerful motor and complete water resistance.
    Another pleasant moment is that traffic jams are available in two different sizes – for newbies and those who need More.
    Another telemedonical sex toy that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

, Lovense. Sex technology in each bedroom | The best sex toys

  • Domi – Super powerful massage mini -fuse.
    Despite the small size, it will give odds to massagers of competitors thanks to strong rotating head. You can manage using buttons based on Domi, or with the help of a smartphone.
    Moisture -resistant and wireless device from a safe silicone will help you brighten up a lone evening or separation from your loved one.
  • OSCI – vibro -stimulator for point g.
    A convenient ergonomic shape and a patented mechanism of oscillation of a powerful motor at the very end of OSCI will definitely find your point G and help to experience New, unforgettable orgasms.
    The ideal position of the control button based on a single game or use with a partner. Of course, work in a special application will help to overcome boredom and long distances between sex partners.
  • Well, meet the novelty of our store – Ambi Vibroopulu!
    The smooth streamlined form, at first glance, is unusual, but designed specially so as to combine the wide and point stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones.
    Most vibropul is very difficult to keep in different positions in the right place, you have to help with your hand, constantly twist and look for the optimal. Unique design Ambi will help you not experience such inconvenience.

    The power of the motor is 4 times more than that of any other analogues.
    Many vibration options, work in the beat of music, love games at a great distance – all this is also present in this model of vibroopuli.
    Working time without recharging 4 hours, which cannot but please users.
    Waterproof and silent.
    Made of pink velvety delicate silicone.
    You can turn the toy with different sides, thereby adjusting the area of the surface of the exposure to the erogenous zone. Diameter in "profile" 5.8 cm, diameter in "FAS" 2.8 cm.

All Lovenste sex toys are made efficiently and with love for consumers.
For the vast majority of buyers Their power and functionality exceeded all expectations, And they would recommend a toy to a friend!
Meet, sex technologies knocked on your bedroom!

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