News of sex toys with EROEXPO 2017 | The best sex toys

News of sex toys with Eroexpo 2017.

, News of sex toys with EROEXPO 2017 | The best sex toys
The EROEXPO exhibition was held on October 20-22, 2017 in Moscow. The 8th exhibition has collected dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of owners of intimate stores under one roof. And within the framework of the event, several new products of goods that are really useful for the user were announced at once. New sex toys have a convenient design, unique functions and excellent quality. What goods will appear on the sale of the upcoming winter? What to buy to diversify sexual life?

Unique rabbits from California exotic novelties

The most interesting new products in 2017-2018 include the Jack Rabbit® Signature Silicone series from the American company California Exotic Novelties. These are high-quality models that have unique functions that are not represented in other sex toys. All models are reloaded, waterproof. And two powerful engines in the submersible and clitoral part give a lot of pleasant experiences. But each of the three models has its own feature:

  • Jack Rabbit® Signature Silicone Beaded Rabbit – under a delicate silicone surface are several rows of beads, and they are not moving in a circle, but vertically. The speed of their movement can be adjusted, and such an unusual massage will make masturbation of an unforgettable. This is the stimulation of the internal walls of the female bosom, and in a very unusual way.
  • Jack Rabbit® Signature Silicone Rocking "G" Rabbit – The bent tip was created to stimulate the point g. But he can not only vibrate. The head is able to bend, as if pressing the desired area. With what to compare the effect? We press with fingers, which leads to the brightest orgasms! The model is able to give multiple and jet orgasms.
  • Jack Rabbit® Signature Silicone Thrusting Rabbit -the submersible part of the sex toy can not only vibrate, but also make progressive movements. The head is actively moving, and the speed can easily change. If you want the impact precisely on the cervix, then this is the perfect vibrator for such caresses.

Rabbit with special functions is an ideal thing for women. This fall, models will appear on sale. And they will distinguish them not only quality, but also a pleasant cost.

The most comfortable prostate massagers from Nexus

This fall, it is worth buying new stimulants for a prostate from Nexus. Two new models will give the most pleasant sensations at the time of massage. And these are advanced versions of popular devices that have become many times more convenient:

Nexus Ultra Si – The hard massager of the prostate does not bend during use. Squeezing the muscles of the perineum, you can gently massage the desired area. The surface is covered with medical silicone, which was not made in previous versions. And the ball in the crotch give the effect of “licking” so that the procedure seems more pleasant.

Nexus Revo Slim – analogue Nexus Revo 2, but its head is now spinning in different directions. You can turn on the time and counterclockwise, which expands the possibilities of exposure. And the base was slightly smaller to enter the massager into the body more convenient. And the inner motor has become more powerful, therefore vibration and rotation are now felt in a new way.

Vibrating masturbator from Tenga

Flip Zero is one of the most popular models from the Japanese Tenga company is now equipped with vibration. This is a unique masturbator, the creation of which took into account all the wishes of users of earlier models. Two powerful motors stimulate a member along the entire length. 5 unique modes give different sensations. And there is still the possibility of compressing and creating a vacuum inside for a sucking effect. Today Flip Zero EV is easily versed to cleanse. All details are easily interconnected, and it is very difficult to break the device. For charging, you just need to put the device in a special base, and after 1.5 hours it will be ready for a new job. You can use Flip Zero EV even under water, it is completely waterproof.

On sale Flip Zero EV will appear in the fall of 2017. And this masturbator is an ideal solution for a gift to yourself or a loved one.

Wave vibrator from Lelo

Sona – a unique premium carrier clitoral. It stimulates not only the outer part of the clitoris, special waves use this body as a whole, which allows you to experience an orgasm in a matter of minutes. Exposure is very pleasant, and you can choose one of 8 modes. Sona from LELO is absolutely waterproof. It is easily recharge and can work continuously up to 1 hour. The vibrator is small, it easily fits in the palm of your hand, does not take up much space.

Sona will appear in the world at the end of autumn. And you can buy a classic version and Sona Cruis With decorative inserts on the case. Such a sex toy in stylish packaging will make any woman much happier. And it can be used not only for masturbation, but also in pairs for its pleasure.

Heated vibrator from Magic Motion

Vibrator Heating Wand Already appeared on sale. You can buy a heated device now. This is a unique stimulant that is not only synchronized with a smartphone, but can also heat up. Its temperature rises to 42 degrees. He is warm, gentle and powerful. Its plus is the ability to vibrate to the beat of music or surrounding sounds. You can control, easily touching the screen or even tilting the smartphone. The application provides for the possibility of remote management and special games that make the application fascinating. This is a vibrator for masturbation, experiments in a couple, virtual sex.

Pneumovacuum massager of Russian production – Humble

Unique sex machine for men Humble created to enjoy and promote health. A special technology massages the penis, causing an active rush of blood to the genitals. Such actions are the prevention of dozens of diseases of the urine system, help strengthen potency, maintain male force at any age. With the help of hambble, it is easy to prepare for sexual intercourse with a weakened erection, he in a matter of seconds is a man in combat readiness. Unlike vacuum pumps, the massager gives a very pleasant sensation, it can be used for masturbation. Massage with special latex sleeves cannot be compared with the effects of a single masturbator, this is a unique very pleasant effect. At the same time, you can buy flasks of different lengths and size to feel stimulation each time in a new way.

Humble Already sold in the world. The first purchase involves the purchase of the base, a significant discount applies to subsequent purchases of flasks of different sizes.

Menstrual bowl from Fun Factory

Fun Cup – This is an ecological menstrual bowl that will make the life of many women easier. It is much more convenient than tampons or gaskets, and in the body can be up to 12 hours in a row. Use does not cause irritation, unpleasant sensations in the body. And the bowl does not flow! In a set of 2 models with different volumes for use on days with different intensity. The form is curved, slightly beveled, experts thought over it so that it delayed moisture inside, but at the same time did not interfere with the movement and was absolutely not felt in the body. Fun Cup will appear on sale in the winter of 2017-2018. And the bowls will save the ladies significantly, because the kit will cost cheaper than a set of other hygiene products for a year. And you can have sex with Fun Cup!

Fun Factory has become a novelty Hybrid Kit -This is a set of batteries and a charger, which allows you to turn any vibrator on batteries into a rechargeable sex toy. Buy it as an addition to a budget vibrator and do not overpay for built -in batteries.

Erotic costumes and unique panties for strapon from Lovetoy

In the winter of 2017-2018, unique Panties for strapon from Lovetoy. These are gorgeous models that can be used with nozzles on a ring or pin. 90% of all nozzles for strapons presented on the market are suitable for such fastening. Panties made of artificial leather of magnificent quality are made. And they really look like panties, not a set of straps. It is worth unfastening the belts on the hips, and there will be an elastic gum with which to put on the device is very simple. The model provides access to the perineum, and you will not have to remove a strapon to change roles. Panties are suitable for different sizes, and are the most convenient of those presented on the market.

Panties for strapon can become part erotic costumes. New models will include this accessory, which will significantly expand their use. And stylish dresses, overalls from leather will decorate the bodies and emphasize femininity and sexuality.

New intimate cosmetics from biorhythm

Lubricant Series “delight” have already fallen in love with thousands of customers of the company Bihythm. And already in the fall it is planned to expand the series. Intimate lubrication will appear on sale “Delight with Aloe-Vera”. This delicate composition perfectly nourishes the skin, suitable for any type of caress. Delicate gel created on water -based. The first issue will be 50 ml.

And also on sale has already appeared Massage Oil "Mojito", It gives several sensations at once. Freshness or chill is first felt on the skin, and then the warming effect suddenly turns on. Depending on the movements of the masseur, the oil will be felt differently on the skin. You can use it for intimate massage, and exciting stroking can proceed to pleasant penetration. Massage Oil
"Mojito" You can buy now!

Organic lubricants from Hot

A series of lubricants and massage oils Bio developed taking into account environmental protection. This is the first line of cosmetics, which is suitable for use even strict vegetarians. The composition does not use the components of animal origin. But the main thing is that even packaging is made of material that is easily decomposed in nature. All the greases of the BIO series on water -based. There are options for massage, for sensitive skin, for any type of sex. All funds are presented in different volumes. Today, a series of vegan lubricants is already on sale.

In winter 2017-2018, HOT will present a unique company anus whitening cream And gel for narrowing the anus. There are no analogues today in the Russian market, and the novelty will really be useful to lovers of anal games, and especially those who love anal fisting.

New generation massage oils from Pjur

Pjur Spa
– This is a new series of massage products produced in Germany. 5 unique compositions are not like the usual oils, they do not contain oily components, but at the same time make slipping very pleasant. Lotions do not leave traces of bedding or clothes, suitable for erotic massage and have a very pleasant aroma. This is not a pungent smell that repels, but tender incense, which opens in contact with the skin. In a series of 4 lotions with a pleasant fruit aroma and one neutral. The composition does not contain animal products, suitable for use by vegetarians. And at the same time nourishes the delicate surface of the body, thanks to vitamin E and jojoba extract.

WE-VIBE wearing vibrator

We-Vibe novelty is a vibrator for wearing Jive. It is placed in a female bosom and can turn on at any time. It was created to get pleasure at work, on a walk or gym. With jive you can play even in crowded places, because it works completely silently. The vibrator is synchronized with a smartphone and is turned on from a special application. With it, you will be able to choose a vibration mode or come up with your. And Jive is able to move to the beat of the melody, and it turns out to feel your favorite music even inside! The vibrator for wearing for experiments at a distance is suitable, you can entrust the inclusion of a person anywhere in the planet, but for such an experiment, one smartphone should be next to a sex toy, and the second connected to the Internet is in any other place. Jive is absolutely waterproof, rechargeable. It is completely covered with silicone and does not require special storage conditions.The novelties of sex toys of 2017-2018 are things that differ in their functions from what was before. Advanced models and compositions are absolutely safe for the user. And you can buy all these things from us – in the best store for adults

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