Sex furniture and swing for sex | The best sex toys

Sex furniture and swing for sex.

, Sex furniture and swing for sex | The best sex toys
You can’t buy this furniture in Ikea and you will not put on the lingering guests to sleep on it. But she will bring a fresh stream into sexual relations, and some even fits perfectly into the interior. What to say riddles, let’s start a review. Attention-pretending, sex maker!

What is it and why it is needed

Sexmebel is a variety of devices designed to make your intimate life more fun, more diverse and more convenient.
It often happens that partners are not exactly the same in size. When the boy has two meters of height, and the girl is an inch, The right pose It is not easy to choose.
Then the angle is not the same, it is inconvenient to get uncomfortable … or, for example, everything was bored (what can I say, this often happens), the missionary pose is in order, and the capabilities of the bed do not coincide with the desires of its owners. Or your favorite sofa treacherously pokes a crawling spring in the ass and rubs his knees.

In general, everything would be fine, but something is wrong. And here it enters the game Furniture for sex, which is really capable of solving all these minor troubles that sometimes lead to big problems.
And what kind of furniture is responsible for correcting these annoying trifles, read in Gaid below.


Perhaps it would be more correct to start with something more light, because the swing is, consider it, Almost BDSM, and generally speaking.
But in terms of functionality, sex cacheli is something.

Almost a universal thing that is not only diversifies intimate life, But it will allow "fit" parameters for each other, try a lot of hitherto unknown poses and Sex in the air.
Swing take on the main part of the load, leaving you one continuous pleasure. And if you had or have serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system, because of which you are forced to limit yourself in poses, the swing will serve as an excellent assistant for safe and Comfortable sex (True, it is better to discuss this with the doctor).

Swing can be different like fastening – some of them Fixed to the ceiling, some are on special stands, some can be hung on the door And do not bother.

Of course, the easiest and most convenient option will be the latter, because not everyone has free space and the ability to mount a special hook into the ceiling.
The possibilities of such swings are slightly less than that "serious" models, but it is quickly, practical and always can be hidden from extra witnesses.
Took out-tanker-Ilyzed-cleaned out of sight. Ready, you are delightful!, Sex furniture and swing for sex | The best sex toys
Swing on stands More than anyone else are similar to those who stood and stand on playgrounds, and invariably collect a large queue for them "Go".
Here you can try both sex in the air, and about 30 different positions, And do not get tired of constant supporting the partner with his hands – in a word, solve a good half of all of the above issues.
True, you have to urgently master the assembly skills, and it requires a place – albeit not a lot, but requires.

Swing to the ceiling – a thing that requires some preparation, but it’s worth it!
If you are one of those lucky ones who have the opportunity to mount the ceiling Special mount, Consider you tore off the jackpot.
Such a device is able to raise the quality of your intimate life to a high level, giving you joy diverse sex without fatigue, mismatch of dimensions and limited choice of poses.
Want to try upside down – no problem. Need to fix your legs – please. You can simply Sit down and swing, With your feet – this is also sometimes necessary for any adult.

Of course, the question immediately arises: what to do with guests, children and other people who do not have to see this at all? Indeed, the confidentiality of intimate relationships is important, and manufacturers take care of this.
Suspended swings easily remove, They are not at all heavy, compact and freely placed in a small bag.

And some of them do not even want to clean! For example, Moon swings, which look like Stylish interior item.
And if you attach a special back to them and other strays, it will turn out full -fledged device for sex, on which everyone will be comfortable and good.

There is an opportunity to fix your arms and legs (and here are notes of BDSM), it is convenient to sit on your back and on your stomach, and already Oral sex will become completely beautiful – Do not have to lie in an uncomfortable position, straining your neck and shoulders.
In a semi -divided state, these are absolutely ordinary swings, the purpose of which will be clear only to experts.
You run the risk of moving among friends with an eccentric with swings in the living room, but it is impossible to guess about their true purpose.
They are made, by the way, from eco-leather: it is easy to clean, it looks cool in the interior, and not a single animal has suffered. And in general – be sure to watch the video on the link, everything is shown there very clearly.

If the design of your room is quite happy with you, and no additional elements are needed there at all, take a closer look at the removable models. Fantasy Swing swing or Liebesschaukel They consist of belts that can be adjusted to your own parameters, it is easy to hang, and then remove and remove it away.

They do not have a hard seat and back, but there are soft and wide neoprene belts for hands, legs and priests. No limb will suffer! It remains only to come up with a version for the guests, for which you need a hook in the ceiling.


Not quite furniture, but still.
You will be surprised how they change sex! It happens that for complete happiness, a woman needs the very correct angle that cannot be achieved without additional assistants, no matter how tired. Or, again, a big difference in growth, and some pose requires not only special effort – you have to literally curtail the letter "Zyu", and the stuck neck and aching muscles do not contribute to excitement. This is where the pillows for sex will come in handy. They are of different sizes and configurations, and most of them look like ordinary sofa pillows.


It was not possible to call these devices with one capacious word – they are too different. But these pleasant little things are also capable of a lot.
Inflatable armchair has a comfortable design and six arms and legs mounts. Fixation is soft and not traumatic – just for beginners. The chair at any time can be blown away and removed away.

Fantish fantasy fixing set includes a mask, feather and belts with a mount to the ceiling. Such a set can partially be a replacement for love swings – on belts you can fix a partner and tickle carefully. A good set for those who want to try easy BDSM and fixation.

Support for sex positions – This is such a system of belts that is put on the shoulders of a man, and a woman is tapped into the rest of the belts 🙂 This helps to hold the partner on weight without too overwhelming his hands. There are also special loops for a woman for which you can grab tight. It costs inexpensively, looks compact, allows you to accept at least five different poses., Sex furniture and swing for sex | The best sex toys
Well, for dessert something for girls (and some boys too).

Everyone saw porn in the gym?
A half -naked beauty jumps on an inflatable ball, on which a decent dildo rises, and we can only guess how this design turned out 🙂

When I want to repeat, collecting something like that from a fitness ball and phalloimitator is completely optional – they have already done everything for us.

  • There are models with vibration.
    Small Fitball from Seven Creations in Bright purple And black color.
  • You can also buy Ball with VAC-U-LOC mount and put on it any nozzles that are suitable for it (look for them in nozzles for strapons).

And finally, the most real piece of furniture is the chair – chair.
Not the one on which everyone usually hangs clothes, but small and very pretty Vibro -cutter with a remote control panel.

The whole secret in a special vibrating area with three speeds and seven vibration modes, which needs Set comfortable And enjoy.

Switching modes will help the remote control.

With such a chair, the most boring household affairs can turn into a sexual adventure.

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