Sex toys by zodiac signs | The best sex toys

Sex toys by zodiac signs.

, Sex toys by zodiac signs | The best sex toys
Let’s admit that even the most inveterate cynics and materialists sometimes look into horoscopes with curiosity. Naturally, after they read the article with interest, an excuse will become something like: "I read to make sure of my rightness and their lies". Thinking that most of the audience (or maybe even all) will be interesting, We decided to write an article describing the temperaments of the zodiac signs in bed. Naturally, without the recommendations of certain types of toys for certain signs and their character, it will not do. The topic will concern both men and women, so everyone will be able to find out something new for himself.

The element of fire

First, let’s talk about fiery signs.
People of Fire – nee leaders who know and love to give orders. This caste includes Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But you definitely can’t subjugate them for yourself.

Passionate Aries, Sagittarius and Lions are usually very good in bed.
Their distinctive feature is that they are owners and want to show this side of character at any opportunity. You can delight these zodiac signs by dictating the rules in your love bed.
Despite the desire for complete control over the situation, they are not selfish and love equality in pleasure. How much they accept, and give.
An amazing combination of passion, irresistibility, romanticism and respect for a partner make beautiful lovers of them.

Fiery signs are one of the first in the ranking of signs for love for toys and their use. They love to take everything into their own hands … including their loved ones;)
For Aries, Lviv and Sagittarius, the main ones are new sensations, So, they need a partner, not afraid of experiments with toys and postures in sex.

People with such temperament will simply fall in love with sex toys that can be controlled! They are also called Tedildonical toys:

  • Lovense lush, For example, it will definitely become a favorite of these lovers of power. This unique vibrator is for them!
    Many sophisticated functions that can be controlled directly from the application on the phone. Just give the control panel to one of the fiery signs, and your sex will turn into an enchanting show filled with pleasure!
    In addition to the fact that you can give management over the toy, Aries, Sagittarius and Lviv will delight a function that allows you to create the modes yourself. You will immediately see a light flashed from passion in the eyes of people of these signs;)
  • But not only external stimulants come with remote control.
    Amazing vibrator for point g Lovense osci quickly become a favorite and settles in a bedside table.
    Identical The control system through the phone with full control, Naturally, the biggest advantage for the signs of fire. Sex with fiery signs of the zodiac will be very hot;)

The element of the Earth

, Sex toys by zodiac signs | The best sex toys
Capricorn, Virgin and Taurus belong to the signs of the earth.
If the signs of fire that we talked above are primarily important, then the dominance is important, then Variety is important here.
Of course, it is important for everyone to add something new periodically, but the signs of the Earth are especially. Their temperament and constant variability of mood always require something new.
In the morning you can swim in rose petals, and in the evening you may be offered handcuffs And Strapon 😉 Such inconsistency makes sexual life with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn simply unforgettable.

For signs of the Earth are perfect Toy sets, ensuring variability of actions:

  • Crazy Collection by Smile – One of many examples of a successful gift for signs of the Earth.
    This set of toys consists of seven universal items. Vibroyaite, vibrator, vaginal balls, anal stimulator, anal plug, a penis nozzle and an erective ring will easily give fantasies to take a walk in the ways to use all these devices.
    In addition to the fact that the number of toys itself is seven, do not forget that Countless entertainment variations with them!
  • For lovers of BDSM, there are also special sets. S&M bondage From The Rabbit Company includes a whip, handcuffs, a clitoral stimulator with seven vibration modes, a mask on the eyes and even an amazing vibrator-collar.
    All that is needed to completely surrender to the partner’s hands, entrusting him with his pleasure. Close your eyes and wait for what your loved one came up with this time;)

The element of air

The elements of air include scales, Aquarius and Gemini.
These zodiac signs are very fond of ticking their nerves. Walking on the tip of the knife – here is their favorite pastime. Creative approach, unpredictability of actions, desire for risk – this is their description in bed.

Despite unbridled, They love long preludes and affection very much.
True, they love to focus on themselves. Quickly flashing passion, they give all their attention to a loved one, enveloping him with affection and care. But if this passion is not supported by the novelty and acute sensations, it is quite possible that they can quickly cool. Here toys will come to the rescue! 😉

Imagine a walk with a vibrator hidden in your panties, the control panel of which is your loved one.
Or, on the contrary, you were entrusted with control over this entertainment. Slow vibration grows right on the street, among people. Bringing more and more pleasure, the toy does not stop. You or your partner must hide your pleasure .. Air signs will be delighted with such! The risk of being noticed, convicted, need to hide. It’s like sex in a public place!

  • To realize this dream will help My Body Blooms From the famous Fifty Shades of Grey.
    A small anatomical vibrator equipped with eight vibration modes and twelve speeds, special panties with a pocket and a control panel that is able to work at a fairly large distance, – This is what will not allow you to miss you. Surprisingly silent toy will definitely sweat you and give you unrealistic pleasure;)

However, they will probably like others and others Panties with vibro, or even Vibrators-butterflies, Some of which can also be worn under panties.

The element of water

, Sex toys by zodiac signs | The best sex toys
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces belong to the elements of water.
These sensual signs are very good in bed. Easily read the body language, and they get pleasure from what is good for you. All their ingenuity in bed will only be aimed at your pleasure. Open to experiments, they will give special significance to each of your wishes.
But a little later, perhaps after long preludes and achieving a sense of security with you, like with a partner, they will reveal their fantasies. However, first you need to get to them the soul through romantic evenings and pleasant and long affection.

Ideal for romantic watermarks will be Exciting lubricants And Massage candles.

  • The famous Shunga brand produces amazing massage candles, with which you can nicely start a romantic evening.
    For example, "Drunk chocolate" give the bedroom a sweet aroma. Relaxing massage, smoothly turning into erotic movements … This is what is truly able to liberate!
  • And then a magical cream will come to the rescue. Viamax Sensitive, for example, increases the sensations of stimulation, with a bonus – a feeling of light tingling. With this cream, it is much easier to achieve an orgasm.
  • There are interesting ones lubricants for oral sex. Warming lubricant Wet Flavors Tropical Fruit With the aroma of juicy fruit will make cunnilingus or blowjob unforgettable. Bring each other the most pleasant caresses in the world!

We are all different, and all of us have different temperaments, which, in part, can be explained by the zodiac sign.
But even the most obstinate scorpion or lion can be brought to ecstasy, knowing the right approach;)

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