Sex toys: control from a smartphone, remote control and inclusion at a distance | The best sex toys

Sex toys: control from a smartphone, remote control and turning on at a distance.

, Sex toys: control from a smartphone, remote control and inclusion at a distance | The best sex toys
Modern sex toys can be controlled in different ways. Today more and more models are connected to a smartphone. And there are also intimate goods with a remote control. And some sex devices can be turned on even from another country using an application. What is the peculiarity of each management, which option is the most convenient and interesting?

It is necessary to take into account the control method when buying a sex toy. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. And the requirements for applications, devices also exist. Thousands of people choose models with remote controls, others want to use the most modern technologies, and the most durable are still devices with buttons on the case.

Types of management of sex toys

What types of sex toys exist? You can highlight the main options that are found today more often than others:

  • Buttons on the case. There are control buttons on the device itself. Sometimes it is one key, sometimes a few. Allows you to activate the internal mechanism. Present on vibrators, strapons with vibration, prostate massages, anal products for adults. To activate work, you need to reach the device or hold it in your hands. For some models, this is the most convenient method, for others – no. If the vibrator can work in 64 modes, then you need or a lot of buttons to find the right or many presses to find the necessary speed. But if the regime is only 3, then choosing them is not difficult to choose.
  • Rotary relay at the base. If there is only one vibration drawing, a rotary relay can be used in management. It changes the intensity of exposure, increasing or decreasing the speed. You can quickly scroll, playing with the force of exposure. The relay is often found in itself, but can also be combined with buttons that switch the modes. The mechanism is convenient if the toy is held in their hands.
  • On a remote remote control with a lace. Separate sexual goods are equipped with a remote control. With the main device it is connected by a wire, its length reaches 3 m. Intimate goods can be located in the body, at the erogenous zone, and the remote control can be away, but at hand. In this case, you will not have to reach for the device to change its vibration. It is enough to keep the remote control in the palms and play with it. You can entrust management to a partner, with close contact, it will be convenient for him to do this. There may be buttons or a rotary relay on the remote control, and sometimes both together. Most often, batteries are inserted into the remote control so that the design works.
  • Remote control with remote remote control. The remote control may not be tied to a sex toy wire. He can be remote. In this case, it works at a distance of up to 10 m. The sex toy has to first turn on the button on the case, and then adjust its work remotely. It is convenient for wearing. Sex toy can be inside the body, and in order to control it, you do not need to touch the genitals. Often found on wearing vibrators, anal stimulants for wearing. Sometimes you can see the prostate massages, because after immersion it is more convenient to take the desired pose and not reach for the device case to change the rhythm.
  • Smartphone management using an application. Modern sex products are often connected to gadgets. A special application and Bluetooth allow you to connect 2 electronic devices among themselves. The application allows not only to include programmed modes, but also to create your own. And the possibilities of adjusting the intensity are also many times more. Many similar models can move even to the beat of the melodies or surrounding sounds. And with the help of the same application, management can be entrusted to a partner who is at any point in the world. Using the Internet and two smartphones, you can combine two people even on different continents.
  • Let’s take a closer look in the pros and cons of different types of intimate goods management.

    Remote control of a sex toy

    Remote control is the inclusion using a remote remote control. To work, first you need to activate the toy itself by pressing the button on the case, and then adjust its work from the control panel.

  • The remote control allows you to choose the mode of operation (vibration drawing) and its intensity. Speed can be changed at the time of use. A gradual increase in rhythm will enhance excitement and bring an orgasm closer.
  • Pros of distance control of an intimate device:
  • [list] The remote control can hold toy or partner;
  • The remote control works at a distance of several meters;
  • It is not required to buy additional gadgets;
  • there is no difficulty in installing the connection, everything is configured without the participation of the user.

Cons of remote control of sex toys:

  • Often, individual nutrition elements are required for the remote control, for example, batteries;
  • If the signal is weak, clothing will interfere with its passage, not suitable for use on the street;
  • A small remote control is easy to lose;
  • If the remote control will fail, the possibilities of managing the buttons will remain, but they are very limited.

A feature of distance management in price. Today these are not the most expensive sex toys, they are available for the buyer. And they are often made by well -known companies in the calculation of traditional users who are already accustomed to this form of management.

Sex toys Management from a smartphone

Sex toys managed from a smartphone is becoming more and more every year. Connection with gadgets is interesting for the user. And it also opens dozens of new opportunities. Firstly, the application allows you to include built-in modes. There are at least 6 of them, while everyone can be of different strengths. It is also turned on from a smartphone. Secondly, you can create your own vibration modes, and even record the best to repeat in the future.

Thirdly, the sex toy can be used as a player, and vibration is turned on with each sound. Accordingly, intimate goods work to the beat of the melodies, the sounds of the film. When viewing porn, you can feel each groan of participants inside. And your favorite melodies can now be given in different erogenous zones or even feel inside.

Separate applications are equipped with special games. Actions in them activate the work of sex toys. And masturbation turns into an exciting quest. And often on female vibrators for wearing there is a mode for strengthening the vaginal muscles, which turns a sex toy into a smart simulator that gives quick results.

How a sex toy and smartphone are connected? Each application requires a certain software. When buying, it is important to clarify whether it will be connected to your phone model. In addition, the smartphone should be Bluetooth, but if it is not, a special device will be able to buy separately.

First, the sex toy is turned on the button on the case. Hot diode often speaks of her work. Then the applications are turned on, and the desired vibration mode is already selected in it. You can entrust the smartphone with a partner, or even install the application on its gadget.

The ability to include through applications allows you to entrust the management of a person at a distance. How it works – read on.

Turning on at a distance

To transfer the management of a sex toy partner, two smartphones will be required. It is necessary to install the application for the device on both gadgets. The first then you will need to be placed next to an adult toy, the second can be anywhere in the world. The connection occurs through the Internet.

The owner of the sex toy is included in the special section of the application where the second user contacts adds. You can come up with interesting names for yourself, then to communicate later. And it is the owner who allows another person to choose vibration modes. At any time, this opportunity can be disabled.

Inclusion at a distance is a way to give a loved one who is far away, a gentle touch. And this is also an interesting way of dating that is now practiced in hundreds of chats. And in some applications there are even games for two, which is very exciting.

Separate sex toys are synchronized not only with a smartphone at a distance, but also with other sex toys. For example, a similar connection of the MAX masturbator and the Nora vibrator from Lovense allow you to simulate real sex. The movements of one device are transmitted to another, and everything happens in a single rhythm. Such double masturbation is a real virtual sex with real sensations. Today, more and more sex toys can be connected not only with goods of the same brand, but also with objects made by different manufacturers.

Pros and cons of sex toys from a smartphone

Pros of control from a smartphone:

  • An unlimited number of vibration modes, each time you can come up with a new one;
  • movements to the beat of sounds, music;
  • Interesting games or muscle strengthening programs complement applications;
  • It is very simple to entrust the inclusion of the partner, you can install the application on its phone;
  • the ability to communicate at a distance and give pleasure to each other;
  • intuitive applications that do not require efforts to set up.

Cons of sex toys that work with a smartphone:

  • If the phone does not support the application, then you can turn on the thing only by buttons, and this is much less modes;
  • Clothing prevents the Bluetooth signal, and the indicated distance in the instructions is much smaller;
  • The most common breakdown is the lack of connection with the phone, the connection fails quite quickly;
  • It is not always convenient to use the phone in bed, sometimes I want to be distracted, and not look at the screen.

What is the most convenient control for sex toys? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, everyone chooses for himself. In order not to make a mistake, read users’ reviews about intimate goods, get acquainted with the reviews what we have on the site. And remember that the more complicated the control, the more expensive the device.

You can always buy sex toys with any control in our catalog. All products are safe for the user, suitable for frequent use. These are things from trusted manufacturers, and among them there are models with a variety of inclusion methods.

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