Sex toys for pregnant women | Women’s sex toys

Sex toys for pregnant women.

, Sex toys for pregnant women | Women’s sex toys
Pregnancy is a magical time for a woman. In anticipation of the baby, the expectant mother becomes especially attractive to her man because of rounded forms and a happy gleam in her eyes. And pregnancy is not a reason to abandon intimacy. But future parents often ask questions: is it not dangerous? Is it possible to have sex, and even more so to use sex toys during pregnancy? We are getting together what devices and how You can use the future mother without harm to her and child’s health.

About sex during pregnancy

During gestation of the child, the body of the future mother changes quite significantly.
The pelvic organs enter more blood, hormonal background becomes different. All this is conceived by nature for successful bearing and subsequent births, but is noticeably affecting the female libido. The desire for proximity and sensitivity becomes much stronger than before pregnancy.

But sometimes doctors put a ban on sex due to the threat of miscarriage.
In this case, it is worth listening to the opinion of experts. By the way, this ban applies to an orgasm as a whole, since it can cause a reduction in the uterus and provoke a miscarriage.
Most often, restrictions are placed in the first three months of pregnancy, and if everything is in order with the health of the future mother and child, then it is removed by the second trimester.

Rules for using sex toys for pregnant women

If a gynecologist who has a pregnant woman is observed gives good to the proximity, then you can use sex toys.
But there are a number of restrictions that must be observed when using devices:

  • It is best to use devices made of hypoallergenic non -porous materials that are easy to sterilize.
    For example, Silicon, plastic, glass, metal And Ceramics.
  • Pearing sex toys should not be long, with a severe relief and seams at the junction of their constituent.
    Due to the change of hormonal background of the vaginal microflora, the walls become elastic, but thin, and any damage to the mucosa can result in unpleasant consequences.
    It is best to use small and smooth stimulants.
  • When using lubricants and cleaning products for sex toys, you need to carefully study their composition.
    Some components can cause irritation, even if it was not before pregnancy. It is not recommended to use lubricants with aromatic additives, as well as with an additional effect, such as exciting or prolonging.
    It is best to limit yourself water -based lubricant, With a simple composition.
  • You can not use pregnant women sex toys with myostimulation.
    Still, this is electricity, although its action is weak. The consequences for the health of the fetus can be the most unpredictable.
    Everything that clamps and stimulates nipples is also better not to use. This can cause uterine reduction and provoke a miscarriage or premature birth.

Vaginal sex toys for pregnant women

, Sex toys for pregnant women | Women’s sex toys
The stimulation of the vagina with sex toys during pregnancy should be treated with all responsibility.

It is necessary to carefully comply with the rules of hygiene and well process toy surface so as not to bring harmful bacteria.

Even gynecologists try not to inspect pregnant women on a gynecological chair for the same reason not to inspect again.
Movement of sex toys inside the bosom should not be sharp and deep.

It is better to choose toys the small size of safe materials, like Smile mini with silicone coating or Ceramix No9 from ceramics.

You can limit yourself to a stimulant for point g.
It is only 3-4 cm from the entrance to the vagina and does not require deep immersion, and the pleasure of its stimulation is very bright. From inexpensive toys with vibration, you can opt for Pretty Love Bishop.

But if you trust only elite manufacturers, then the Swedish brand Lelo can offer Lelo Liv 2.
Its body has an anatomical and smooth shape, and is covered with delicate silicone.

Kegel exercises

Separately, it is worth mentioning vaginal balls And Kegel simulators. Doctors argue about whether they can be used during pregnancy, But definitely everyone recommends to exercise with them when planning it.
In any case, the consultation of a doctor that controls your pregnancy will not be completely superfluous.

By training the muscles of the small pelvis according to the Kegel method, you will give them elasticity, which will help to pass childbirth without gaps.
And if you use them after the birth of a child, this will allow you to quickly restore the vagina and return the former sensitivity.

Choosing vaginal balls, it is better to purchase smooth, without relief.
Material, as in submersible sex toys, it is better to select not allergenic.
The perfect option would be balls covered with silicone on the coupling of the same material as Lia Love Balls, or pear -shaped form, as in a set Inspire Kegel Training.

If you are not sure of how much you will perform the exercises, you can purchase a kegel simulator Fun Toys Gballs 2 App.
It will help to choose the optimal training system and monitor their implementation using a special application on a smartphone.

The same system has Magic Kegel Master, which is also controlled from the phone.
Both of the above toys even have special modes for planning pregnancy and young mothers.

Cliter sex toys for pregnant women

, Sex toys for pregnant women | Women’s sex toys
As mentioned above, during pregnancy to the organs of a small pelvis, a woman rushes more blood.
In this regard, the sensitivity of the clitoris intensifies repeatedly, and an orgasm with the help of its stimulation can be achieved in a record time.
But you should be careful. Orgasm when exposed to the clitoris is stronger than with vaginal massage, and can cause uterine contraction. Therefore, with the slightest pain or bloody discharge, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sex toys for this zone need, like everyone else, thoroughly washed and treated with antiseptic agents before and after each use.
You can choose a contactless vacuum stimulator, for example, Satispyer Pro Plus. It combines a wave effect and vibration.

Or maybe you like the classic way?
Then massagers like QVibry 7 or Vibropuls It is quite suitable.

If you are not enough only clitoral stimulation and you need additional penetration, then vibrators like "rabbit" I will be an ideal option. The German company Fun Factory does very high quality.
They have a vibrator Miss BI, just suitable for many parameters: The submersible part is short, but sufficient for point g, there is a stimulating process for the clitoris.
The body is waterproof and covered with medical silicone, and there is also a function of instant disconnection.

For masturbation, you can use the nozzle on the finger, for example, Mood-Euphoric-Smooth.
Vibroopul is built into the base, it is located in a special nest, stimulates the clitoris, and a shallow penetration is carried out with a finger.

Anal sex toys for pregnant women

It has long been an opinion that anal sex during pregnancy is more safe than vaginal.
And it is fundamentally wrong. During pregnancy, injury with anal stimulation, which can transform into full hemorrhoids, becomes much easier.
That’s why, If you have not practiced this type of sex before pregnancy, it is better to wait with the experiments until you give birth.

If you are experienced in this matter and still decided not to deny yourself pleasure, then sex toys are better to use small size and smooth, not afraid disinfectants.

For example, it can be an anal traffic jam from a medical silicone Hot Planet Unicorn, Beads Fun Factory Flexi Felix or vibro -stimulator with remote control Svakom Primo.

Also, do not forget about hygiene, you can not use toys simultaneously for anal and vaginal penetration.
Bacteria from the intestines, getting into the vagina, can cause serious diseases that can harm the child.

You can use sex toys during pregnancy if the gynecologist observes you does not put a ban on sex.
But they should use them carefully and deliberately.
With the slightest suspicious sign, such as bloody discharge, you should immediately contact the doctor.
Do not be afraid to enjoy each other’s proximity. Soon the time for waiting will end and new worries and desires will appear.

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