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Top 10 sex toys.

The first position is confidently occupied by Womanizer

They can be called a breakthrough of the year, cunnilingus simulators, oral sex simulators, work according to a completely new technology – vacuum, non -contact, you seem to masturbate a stream of air. Hygienic. And the sensations are amazing. The girls of these boys were very loved.

Next – Hitachi Magic Wand

Yes, yes, this is the same rumbling stick from porn. This stick is already many years old, but it is still sweet, like a pioneer! 😉 And all because it is very powerful and very simple. Only two speeds, control of one lever. A lot of nozzles are sold to it, but in fact – 90% of them are useless. Work of the massager – from the network. It is due to this that you will never have a sudden “oh, the battery sat down!»Power, by the way, both uh what. This is because initially Hitachi was developed as a professional massager, it was recommended after surgical interventions and sports injuries. But women and women to find the best application to everything.

Lelo Smart Wand (Medium & Large)

A very similar massager with the aforementioned Hitachi, only cunning Swedes have been drinking more modes and bells and ground. Specifically, 8, from the bells and whistles – a moisture resistant silicone coating (this is when it is possible to rinse in the shower, but to soak in the bathroom – a powerful battery, compatibility with water -based lubricants, storage bag and an annual guarantee from the brand. Of course, it costs a little more, but there is something to pay for money for. By the way, in two different sizes – medium and large.

Multifunctional anatomical vibrator Gvibe2 from Fun Toys

A strange alien eared type, somehow due to its unusual form, creating miracles in female hands. Modern and cool, like all the toys of the brand, is equipped with a maximum – a steep battery, magnetic charging, premium hypoallergenic silicone, 3 motor, 6 vibration modes, 100% water resistance. Ready to cooperate with water lubricants. It does not stretch the vagina and is universal, you can stimulate everything, but it was originally created as a stimulator of the point G and the walls of the vagina due to the new form created taking into account the female anatomy in the sex industry market.

The next place is occupied by popular men’s toys – masturbators Fleshlight

This, believe me, classic in your genre. They know everything about what and how men want. Among their works are casts of porn stars, pussies, mouths and butt, unspooped masturbators in knives and jars, cyber segs, holders of masturbators and other useful things that make life easier for men in all parameters.

Nexus prostate massagers, again for boys

Nexus for boys is like Lelo for girls: color, format, design, possibilities. Almost all brand massagers are made in gray or black colors, made of smooth silicone with additional bulges to stimulate in the right places, stuffed with various modes, rotation, rotation, created based on specifically male anatomy, for male health and pleasure. In short, behind the prostate massager – only to Nexus.

Fire toys We-Vibe. And we-Vibe toys are generally

They are very loved for indestructibility, and that they are not done only with them. Canada, excellent quality. The most modern is controlled from smartphones, have the ability to create their own vibration modes or repeating the rhythm of music, simpler – are equipped with a d/y remote control with a good radius of action. Paired are very convenient both solo and during affiliate sex. Single – famous for, for example, Tango or Touch – already legends.

Golden anal traffic jam

Who would know that anal jewelry will become so popular?! But the girls love pebbles, and apparently, not only on the ears, fingers and on their chests, but in and in *opera. There, after all, they say, there are also diamonds. Here they are, it turns out, they meant! 😉

Vibrators-bells with rotation in the penultimate place

No, these are not modern cute bunnies, here this refers to the form, even a type, they were more likely nicknamed rabbits than hares. The principle of operation is simple: one part is thick, inserted inside, and the other part is directed to the clitoris and is engaged in its stimulation. Only one of your hand is busy, double pleasure in one toy. Rabbits are not too expensive, they can smell of rubber, and they, frankly, does not reach the luxury at all, but people take them for the miracle of rotation, this regime is far from available on every vibrator, and keep God the one who is it who is it who is itinvented. We say: metal balls are distributed inside the vibrator head and on its barrel, and when the mode of this rotation is turned on, they begin to rotate at different speeds and in different directions, a real high! Rabbits are not durable, but do not lose popularity.

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