Women’s sex toys for beginners

Women’s sex toys for beginners.

Today, wherever you look, female sex toys are mentioned everywhere. They are in your favorite magazines and your favorite television shows. And this is because the erroneous prejudice has finally disappeared that the sex toys are intended only for single or desperate people. Recently, as we are talking about feminine pleasure and female orgasm, positive changes have occurred.

Using female sex toys is normal?

Now there is a broader understanding that sex toys are not intended to replace someone. They are created in order to deliver more pleasure and help achieve orgasm. And this is wonderful, because the difference in the level of orgasm between women and men decreases. This is why female sex toys are so important. The use of sex toys is a completely normal and healthy activity, and there is nothing shameful in this. Masturbation and orgasm are very useful for women, starting with a decrease in stress level, and ending with relief of menstrual cramps.

Types of female sex toys

If there is an area of the body that you like to stimulate, for it there will definitely be a sex toy! The choice of the first sex toy can be difficult, but it all comes down to which part of the body you want to stimulate. And this is not limited only to the vagina and the clitoris. Although these are the two most popular areas of using female sex toys, there are other types of toys that you can try. Here is a brief guide to sex toys to give you an idea of some of the best female sex toys and how you can use these toys for a wide variety of pleasure.


The phalloimitator is one of the most popular sex toys for women, and most of this popularity is due to the fact that it is universal. Falloimitators are toys without vibration, which are used to penetrate and internal stimulation. They can have an anatomical design, similar to an exact copy of this penis, or may be non -anatomical and have no similarity to the penis.

Fallomitators are of various shapes and sizes. You can find a large phalloimitator, a mini-falloimitator, a metal or glass, textured or even a curved phalloimitator to directly aim at the zone g. At that time, as many women like phalloimitators for vaginal penetration and stimulation of the G zone, you can also find an anal phalloimitator to stimulate the nerve endings of the anus.


Vibrators are created to help achieve orgasm, regardless of which part of the body you use them. The vibrator is a comprehensive term to refer to any sex toy that vibrates to stimulate the erogenous zones of the body.

The choice of the best vibrator is actually reduced to which parts of the body you want to stimulate. There are external vibrators that stimulate the clitoris, and internal ones that affect the vagina and zone g. If you need external and internal stimulation at the same time, there is a vibrator-collar, which has a vibrating process for the vagina and an external process that provides the stimulation of the clitoris.

Cliter stimulator

Cliter stimulator is one of the best female sex toys when it comes to helping women in achieving orgasm. 75% of women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm, and it is for this that clitoral stimulants are intended. They can be used alone or with a partner during sex, since they have a fairly small size so as not to interfere during intercourse.

Recently, there has also been an increase in the popularity of toys that imitate oral sex using vacuum stimulation and pulsation around the clitoris, and not just vibration to bring to orgasm. There are many clitoral toys to choose from, and the best choice depends on what you like and how you want to use the toy.

Anal plug

Women’s sex toys are aimed not only to stimulate vulva and vagina. Anal traffic jams have become very popular over the past few years, since sex toys have become more popular. Anal traffic jams are of different shapes and sizes. You can use anal plug during masturbation or pair to give the body even more sensations when the sphincter muscles strain around the cork.

Many people use anal traffic jams to prepare their body for anal sex. Traffic jams are used to relax and stretch muscles, which after that makes the input of the penis or toys of a larger size lighter and more comfortable. You can also find a vibrating anal plug for even greater stimulation or even an anal plug with a tail for role -playing games or giving a playfulness to the image.

Anal Christmas trees

If you want to try anal stimulation, but the anal cork seems to you a little frightening, there is another option – start with an anal Christmas tree. Anal Christmas tree is a chain of spheres that begin from small size and gradually increase. Anal Christmas trees are a wonderful option for beginners, because beads need to be inserted only as much as it is convenient and you will enjoy anyway. This is because anal balls stimulate the nerve endings at the opening of the anus. This area has thousands of nerve endings, much larger than the internal channel, and the introduction and extraction of beads gives the greatest pleasure. This is another toy that can be used alone or with a partner during any game. Try to slowly extract balls during or to orgasm, as this can do your orgasm much more intense.

Nipples clamps

The nipples, as a rule, are one of the erogenous zones of the body, to which users of sex toys often do not pay attention. This is due to the fact that the clamps for the nipples are usually associated with pain, and not with pleasure. But it all depends on what type of clamp you use. Squeezes nipples and limit the blood flow in this area. If you pull when wearing, this can cause some pain (which, of course, will like some people), but the main goal is the effect of removing clamps.

After removing the clamps, the blood can return to the nipple, creating a rush of endorphins and sensations. After this, the nipple will become more sensitive and responsive to touch and other types of stimulation. If you are a beginner in stimulating the nipples, look for an adjustable stimulant model.


Although most female sex toys can be used both with a partner and without it, there are toys designed specifically for use in pairs. Handsticks are a great toy for those who begin to get involved in sex toys and learn bonding games. Handsticks are holding toys to connect two wrists or attaching the wrist to something else, for example, to the back of the bed or stool to limit the movement of the partner. The meaning of toys of this style is to limit the partner in movement and increase the rest of his body sensitivity.

Other sex toys for women

The above are some of the most popular female sex toys, but there are other options that should be considered. Vaginal balls are another popular option that is very useful for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. You can also try vibrations on your fingers or vibrotruschiki. These last two options are especially interesting as a sex toy for a beginner, when used with a partner.

Which sex toys are the best for beginners?

Find the best sex toys for beginners is a really simple task if you know what to look for. Start with a toy for the area, from the stimulation of which you get great pleasure, and start with a small. At least if the toy is too small, you can still use it, and if the toy is too large, it can be difficult for you to use it properly or even use it at all. And, regardless of which toy you start with, always buy quality products. This does not mean that you need to purchase the most expensive toy. Check out customer reviews and make sure that you have found a toy that is safe for the body and will last more than several uses.

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