10 replacement options for ordinary sex

10 replacement options for ordinary sex.

, 10 replacement options for ordinary sex

If the usual sex is not so interesting, other caresses can come to replace him. They will bring the same number of pleasant emotions and help to find intimacy new colors. And these are not only other sex options, but also different sensual practices used by few pairs.

Vaginal sex is the most popular type of sexual game. It is used by most partners, but over time it begins to bother. Even methods to add diversity can exhaust themselves. Therefore, options for replacement are needed.

Oral sex

Cunnilingus and blowjob include it – This is a great alternative. Caresses with tongue and lips often lead to the finale faster than ordinary penetration. You can caress each other in turn or at the same time, for example, in a pose «Valet». There are many techniques that can be tested in the process of caresses.

, 10 replacement options for ordinary sex

Anal sex

The same penetration, only into the anus. Impressions and feelings will be absolutely dissimilar to ordinary sex. If you properly prepare for the process and not rush, then both will be able to get an orgasm. Most often I like the first time, but then partners understand all the advantages. The receiving side can be both a woman and a man.


Type of joint sexual caresses, when partners receive satisfaction without penetration. This includes: touching any parts of the body, kisses, hugs, but there should not be direct contact with the genitals. It is not always possible to test an orgasm in this case, but the technique is an interesting erotic game that is available to everyone. Petering can be used as a prelude, or fully replace ordinary sex.

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