7 sex life hacks for partners with different growth | Practices

7 sex life hacks for partners with different growth.

, 7 sex life hacks for partners with different growth | Practices
If the couple differs in growth, there may be problems in bed. The difference is more than 40 cm affects intimacy. But this is not a reason not to get acquainted with high or low people. Several tricks in bed will help adapt.

We have collected 8 tips for those who are looking for more convenient intercourse options. They have already helped hundreds of steam, and can be used together or separately.

1. Ladder

Sex on the stairs is very convenient for steam with different growth. The one who is smaller is arranged a couple of steps higher. You can try poses standing. Yes, even hugging on the stairs is more interesting. But it is important to understand that the support should be very stable. Do not use a stool or coffee table that are not designed for the weight of an adult or even two.

2. Pillows

Ordinary pillows help to make familiar poses more convenient. For example, in a missionary with a miniature lady, you can raise her hips. You can put them under the stomach in Doggi Style. Suitable and just pillows and special for sex. This is not the best option for solving the problem of growth, but very simple. It will be possible to implement it in any bed, even if you are visiting.

3. Six sitting

The difference is not too noticeable when both are sitting. At the same time, you can sit not only on the bed, but also on the couch, on the table or on the windowsill. There are a lot of options: she sits, he stands facing her;He sits, and she arranges on him from above;He sits, and she turns his back to him and also settles on his knees. It all depends on the place and the desire to experiment. But the poses sitting will definitely save the situation., 7 sex life hacks for partners with different growth | Practices

4. On the edge of the bed

If the girl is small, then this pose will be very convenient. It is located on the edge of the bed on her stomach. And he settles nearby on his knees. You can adjust the rise and convenience a pillow under his feet. Of course, she does not have a lot of opportunities to move, but he can raise her by her legs, which will change the angle of penetration.

5. Sex swing

Special swing for sex allow you to remove all the problems with growth. They can be hung at any height, and a man and a woman can sit in them. At the same time, you can have sex longer, because the load decrease. And also try sex on weight, which is very reminiscent of a flight. There are different shapes of sex, the simplest are attached to a regular door, but there are those that can be hung over the bed, and it will be possible to realize hundreds of new positions with them.

6. Tablespoons

If partners are on the side, then growth does not play at all. Even with a very big difference, the pose is feasible. Of course, there is no way to look into each other’s eyes, but the sensations are still very pleasant.

7. She is from above

A rider is also a convenient position for a woman. And here it doesn’t matter whether he is more or she. And you can implement it facing each other or turning around. At the same time, it is the woman who is more active to manage the amplitude, it is easier to regulate the achievements of her own orgasm.

The difference in growth does not interfere with sex. Every pair can adapt. And if you also use additional accessories, the proximity will be unforgettable. Remember that sex can be done better using sex toys.

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