Daily sex – benefits or harm

Daily sex – benefits or harm.

, Daily sex – benefits or harm

The fact that sex is beneficial for health, scientists have long been talking. But daily intimacy– Is it a lot or not? How useful frequent sexual acts are? How the body will react if the proximity occurs daily?

, Daily sex – benefits or harm

Positive aspects of daily intercourse

Every day sexual contacts have many advantages for health:

  • Maintaining a normal hormonal level. Serotonin allows you to feel calm, gives great health. Estrogens are responsible for the appearance of women: the condition of the hair, skin and nails improves. Men testosterone increases muscle tone, strengthens ligaments and even a bone system. Thanks to oxytocin, the attitude changes, anxiety decreases, the problems seem not so important.
  • Sex can be equated with sports. The loads in the process of proximity are comparable to running or walking at a fast pace. The cardiovascular system works better, muscle tone increases, and rapid breathing has positively affects the operation of the pulmonary system. And sex also helps fight obesity.
  • Partners are getting closer to each other. Evening caresses will help to forget about daytime problems. During intimacy, partners do not think about working concerns and household trifles. The touch of a loved one helps to switch, and this is very important in such an active surrounding world.
  • Sex – The best medicine in the fight against depression. It reduces the level of aggression, makes a person more resistant to stress. And also helps to fight pain, as it removes spasms simultaneously in several parts of the body.

, Daily sex – benefits or harm

Negative moments of daily sex

In frequent have sex, there are also minuses. For example, By proximity, you can get fed up. Partners have a desire, because the process becomes uninteresting. You no longer want affection and touch, as before, attention switches to other, more attractive things.

Frequent sex can cause sex exhaustion. If the body is not prepared for everyday loads, it begins to easily get tired and does not feel pleasure. And proximity is perceived as a punishment or a severe duty.

If the load is very large, there is a probability physical consequences. Not strengthening occurs, but a weakening of the body. Apathy appears. As a result – There may be not only the unwillingness of the partner, but also the emergence of aversion to proximity for a long period.

A couple planning a child, You can’t have sex daily. In a man, frequent ejaculation can lead to the fact that spermatozoa will be produced little, and their activity – low. To restore the intimate should be no more than once every two to three days, so the chance of conception increases.

, Daily sex – benefits or harm

For whom are daily sex?

So is it necessary to have sex on a daily basis or not? You need to choose based on personal needs. If you have a desire, and proximity brings satisfaction, in this case – To health. But it is very important to remember reciprocity – Your partner should also wish to indulge in sexual caresses as often as possible.

You can have sex daily As an erotic experiment. For example, organize a monthly sexy marathon. For such a period you can understand – Is it worth it to have sex so often. This will replace this sports training and bring only positive emotions. Others will feel only an extra load, which does not cause pleasure. It is considered optimal to have sex 2-3 times a week. According to doctors, such a rhythm allows you to keep the hormonal background normally, and at the same time do not feel fatigue. But each pair must decide for themselves individually.

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