Diversity in sex without penetrating sex

Diversity in sex without penetrating sex.

What if you are a young couple, just started living together, but do not want to move on to penetrating sex and are used to getting only pleasure from oral caresses?

It is worth noting that many couples have only oral sex, forgetting that it is only one of the types of sex. Many couples also decide not to rush with penetrating sexual intercourse and this does not depend on the age of the partners. There are many reasons why both partners at the beginning of their relationship made a conscious decision not to have penetrating sex until they are ready.

However, the same thing again and again, whether it is eating sushi or oral sex night after night, can become a monotonous. If you are in the same situation, then both may seem to you that sexual life becomes dull.

There are solutions to this problem that are not so radical, since you use a wide range of opportunities that improve your intimacy, without choosing sexual intercourse.

Here are a few ideas:

– Prepare/Try together a romantic dinner or dessert;

– Take a bath or shower together, light candles, turn on romantic music;

– Watch an erotic movie or read together an erotic story;

– Plan a trip to the underwear shops for two, then arrange each other’s show of mod or striptease when you return home;

– Use oils, lotions and candles for sensory massage;

– Think about the scenarios of role -playing games that excite you, or pay attention to games and fantas for steam;

– Visit an adult toys store together and buy a sex toy that you can use the next time in bed;

– have sex on the phone when you are not nearby. These options can offer you topics for conversation or reflection options. Moreover, any of these proposals can lead to rapprochement with a partner.

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