Features of virtual sex

Features of virtual sex.

, Features of virtual sex
Virtual sex is not only dirty conversations and peeping. Chats and online dates are very popular on the Internet. There is as much flirting on the Internet as pure sex.

Internet date

There are many ways to meet people on the network. There are chats, the theme of which is the selection of a couple for Internet dates, only talk about sex, as well as other non -sequential chats in which the communication of people with common interests ends with flirting and a joint transition to a private virtual sex chat.

Two people who met in chat can continue the Internet meeting at a more intimate level. Using the MSN program (“Courier”), two people can communicate with each other, at the same time visiting other sites. Virtual lovers can set dates for a specific time, send urgent messages, and then invite each other to the same site. You can go to the museum, visit the rock music site, travel on sites of different countries, visit dance and video sites, listen to songs, watch movie announcements, learn to prepare exotic dishes on culinary sites, learn about historical personalities or visit sexual adventure sites. On your Internet, you can visit any chats, together knowing the world and enjoying new impressions.

You can get a refusal

The advantage of such communication is the ease of refusal. A direct refusal is the case when you become impudent and swear like a cabman. The disadvantage of this form is that in case of refusal on the Internet, people become quite rude. The simplest form of email failure is the act of disappearance. The lack of an answer to emails or the inability to send his letter due to the fact that your addressee closed his account is the same as “he said that he would call and never call”. Since then you will never find it (her), all attempts to communicate unsuccessful, and you are looking for a new partner, just for sex.

Not allowing errors

In order to avoid the crash of hopes during dating and flirting, do not lose your head. Keep your ear open. Do not fall on sexual “hooks”. If you do not know your interlocutors in the real world, it can hardly be argued that “lustful Henry” is really a man and he is really 35 years old or that your interlocutor is really a seventeen -year -old girl. You can reveal your intimate secrets and innermost desires to a person who is not for whom he gives himself.

Your intentions must be real. You are probably not going to look for a girl (guy) of your dreams on the Internet. Your sexual adventures will most likely remain online and will not go to the real world. Only a small part of people finds on the Internet those whom they later meet in the real world, and even a smaller part of people finds on the Internet of their future real sexual partners or lovers.

Geography of virtual sex

As a rule, your virtual sex with a person who lives far from you remains only virtual. If you come to the Internet to search for relationships, look for a couple closer to your place of residence. It is unlikely that the novel on the Internet will end with the fact that one of you will move to the other, quitting a job. Yes, sometimes this happens, but it is as rare as winning the lottery.)))))))

Do not be naive

Be insightful. You should not be good for everyone you meet. The virtual world is almost the same deception as the real, if not more. If you think that you communicate with almost your ideal, stop and do not regret it. Do not be naive. A guy who claims that he has fifty piercing items on a member, or a girl with addiction to drugs cannot be your partners.


In order not to get into a mess, be careful. Do not neglect the basic rules of safe online sex. If you still have a trap, sometimes the only way to get out of the situation is to close your old electronic account and open a new. This is unpleasant, but if you really got into a similar situation, you should do it.

Safe Internet sex rules

Virtual sex should always take place in a safe conversation so as not to get into the network of any “web”. Video sex chats are essentially safe and confidential, but at the moment when you give your email address or attach your address to the addresses of other chat participants in the courier program, you may be drawn into the Cyberpautin, from which it is very difficult to get out. Follow the following golden sex rules;

  • Never give your personal phone number or address;
  • Never at the same time give your first and last user name and do not name the city in which you live;
  • Do not name your real name, except when you want to continue relations with a partner in real life, but even in this case, be careful and prudent;
  • Use the variable user name;
  • Create a separate secret email account to pay for sex chat services;
  • Never use your working e -mail for this.

Virtual girls and boys

If you do not have enough vocabulary and dirty conversations in video sex chat is not for you, there are ways of interactive virtual sex. Currently, funds for this are under development. Costumes are being developed, and soon they will fill the market, but, like everything newly -sounded, they will at first be very expensive and affordable only the elite.

For such sex, a person puts on a special costume with various stimulants in erogenous zones. Then a person can observe erotic scenes, gradually involved in virtual sex. It is felt as having sex with simultaneous observation of this. A person will be able to program his ideal partner and practice with him any poses for sex from Kamasutra.

Even more advanced models of costumes that another person can manage, either in the same room or via the Internet, are developed. In this suit, sexual stimulation is made by devices attached to the costume. These devices can be located on nipples, hips, hands or genitals, but the force of tactile manipulation is regulated by another person through software controls. This opens up a fundamentally new world for people in the field of hydraulic sex (“gentlemen and slaves”). “Slave” (“slave”) puts on such a costume and invites “master” (“mistress”) to play with him (her). “Mr.” (“lady”) stimulates the “slave” (“slave”) in different places at their discretion, while “slaves” do not know what the next stimulation will be.

Today, virtual girls and boys exist on computers, not in costumes. There are such of them that give the observer an exciting opportunity to feel all his power over them. You can double the number of objects of their clothes to manage their striptease or choose the tone of the conversation, clothes and behavior of your virtual partner in the game. All these scenes and images are completely synthesized by the computer, and sexual excitement arises not only from sex itself, but also from the sensation of power over them and programming them at will

Sex. Dot. Orgasm

From the very moment, digital video cameras were invented, people began to flaunt themselves on the Internet in sex video chats. There are thousands of strip sites where users pay for being “spying” for women and men in their bedrooms when they are busy with their usual things, or for being observed by striptease at a certain time, or for viewing porn phrases.

Observation of striptease and sexual scenes in real time is especially popular among Internet users, for the most part among men. The sexual attractiveness of voyeurism on the Internet is not only in observing striped girls in real time, but also in the fact of peeping. Men masturbate and receive orgasms, peering after women engaged in their intimate affairs, regardless of whether they are undressed and sexually excited or not. There are both small sites created by individual women and large sites with whole hostels, where girls live together and a video camera is installed in each room. Peeping behind these girls in the keyhole of the Internet, when they eat, take a shower, sleep and sometimes masturbate, excites the most secret erotic fantasies of some men.

There are also strip sites for women who like to spy on men. They are not so popular because when a woman undresses for a man, the requirements for her are higher. Men are more demanding than women, so sites are most popular with female striptease.

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