Friendly sex – pros and against what threatens

The causes of friendly sex and its consequences.

There is nothing more banal and most often hopeless than friendly sex, because most often it ends with the cessation of all relations. What is friendly sex and how to relate to it? On the one hand, sex is out of obligations, but with a reliable partner, can bring a lot of pleasure. And on the other hand, the case can take an unpredictable turnover and then entail the loss of a good friend.

, Friendly sex – pros and against what threatens

We will share interesting statistics. About 40% of women in the survey replied that they did not want to have sex with their friend of the stronger sex and only 5% of men supported them. But for 60% of women and almost all interrogated men turned out to be. Thus, we can conclude that women are more delicately related to friendship, but men do not really want to draw a border between this concept and sex.

So, we will analyze the most frequent situations that lead to sex on friendship:

  • Sex after a party. The most common and typical scenario when you wake up the next morning after taking alcohol in the company of friends and after a short embarrassment, you say: “With whom it doesn’t, well, see you,”. At this moment, the main thing is to immediately discuss everything and put all the points on “and”. The main thing is that this event does not go further than two of you, because the news in a common company can harm some of the friends. A very important point for men: if you value friendship with a girl and do not want to lose her, then call her the next and ask her affairs. This will not oblige you to anything, just help to maintain friendly relations, and it will calm the girl, because she will probably feel like the kind of easy behavior.
  • Sex with the former or former. Quite a convenient option even after the break to lead an active sex life. This works if after the gap is supported by friendship. True, if you often do this, then the question is brewing: why then it was dispersed? However, no matter how you look, sex with ex is simple, because any desires can be reduced to the fact that this is all a habit. Naturally, do not forget that everything is harmless only if both partners have no feelings, if at least one experiences something, then this will give him hope for reunification, most often this applies to those who were thrown.
  • Sex for no reason. Probably, this option is the most sad option for the development of the plot, when there are no particular reasons, but just someone wanted to have fun. Such friendship sex is aggravated by everything that the regularity of the situation will lead to the emergence of romantic feelings. And especially bad, if only one partner. Most often they become girls, over time they begin to feel sympathy and nourish the hopes of the beginning of the relationship, and then they feel terribly when to find out that sex was just like that.

Practice and many personal stories show, sex and friendship are hardly combined with each other. The transition from friendship to sex can be the beginning of a strong relationship, but most often leads to collapse, so think hundreds of times before going to this step.

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