Friendly sex: what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

Friendly sex: what is it? Advantages and disadvantages.

Friendly sex is an intimate proximity between friends or comrades, usually heterosexual, implying warm and trusting relationships before and after sexual intercourse. That is, the basis of the relationship is precisely friendly, partnerships and based on the common interests of communication. Sex is only an additional way to satisfy each other on the principle of mutual assistance.

Friendly sex does not imply obligations?

The difference between random ties and friendly sex is that in the second case people are well acquainted, there are sympathy between them, they trust each other and respect their partner.

In addition to reducing the risk of infectious infection and interpersonal hostility, such as blackmail, insults and ridicule after sexual intercourse, friendly sex also eliminates a sense of shame.

The fact is that friends, if they are good, have a strong motive for sex. One experiences a strong desire and need for intima, the second comes to the rescue of a friend.

In case of accidental connection, there is always a risk of being used, to understand that the act occurred erroneously, not with that person, not there, not so.

Take a closer look, maybe among your friends there is a free man with whom you have mutual sympathy. This is a great option for satisfying your physiological needs without increased risk.

Friendly sex in terms of psychology

Sex is not only physical contact, sometimes much more important is the emotional component. Since intimacy is the need of the body, with the so -called “unnecessary”, pressure on the psyche begins. As a result, a person falls into a state of frustration.

This is a rather unpleasant feeling associated with a feeling of helplessness, the inability to take care of yourself and get vital. It begins that the whole world is against you, everyone turned away, betrayed.

It is friendly sex that becomes the same magic pill, since you are aware of your importance for a partner. There is someone who is ready to come to the rescue, save, help, deal with the solution. Who does not leave in difficult times. Therefore, with a long absence of sex, it is much better to look for a partner among friends than to stir up sex with a stranger.

Pax friendly sex: Does it happen?

Friendly sex itself is perfect, but there are some of its varieties that are better to avoid. It is often a shame to have sex can happen exactly when he happened with a long -standing acquaintance. It is important to know who you definitely should not sleep with.

Absolutely random sex with a friend who has never been perceived as a lover. For example, after alcohol or in the situation, when everything happened unexpectedly, quickly, spontaneously. As a rule, after such a connection, an awkward feeling occurs, it is difficult to communicate with a person as before. Friendship may come to an end, because both are not ready to develop relationships, and it is no longer possible to stay at the premature level.

The situation is even worse when friends are married. Both have family and even children, but friendship continues and is periodically accompanied by sexual acts. It happens on a regular basis, it also happens spontaneously. But the essence is one – this is a betrayal and ultimately the mental state will be under serious pressure.

Put the boundaries in advance

Friendly sex rules imply clearly built boundaries. That is, this type of intimacy should be conscious and many times discussed. If both of you are not ready for the transition to romantic relationships, you should find out this.

It often happens that one of the friends after sex wants more, begins to care, achieve, tries to translate everything into a serious relationship. And the second is absolutely not necessary. Conflicts arise and the friend is at risk.

Or sex for one of the partners seems to be a good argument to get benefits.I helped you out (a), now you owe me (on).

Everyone must understand that jealousy is excluded. The connection can be regular, but at one point one of the partners can declare – I have a relationship, so now there will be sex. If in such a situation both are ready to return to purely friendly communication, then sex is possible. If not, it is better not to start.

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