Furniture for sex? Why not!

Furniture for sex? Why not!.

I think everyone knows about such a book as "Kamasutra". Different authors publish kamauters, call them differently, talk about different methods and add different pictures, but the essence of this book is one-a collection, or even an encyclopedia of sexual positions.

Change poses in sex is a fascinating and useful thing, for example, many women simply cannot physiologically get an orgasm while below. Well, if your sex looks like everyday breakfast before work, then a change of poses will help to breathe life into your bedding.

In general, reasons to change the pose can be a lot, but they are always located.

And the change itself is given to many with difficulty – some are embarrassed, others are inconvenient, others are afraid that springs will jump out of the old sofa, the fourth live in odnushka with two children.

Therefore, in order to really enjoy various experiments and movements, a sex petble is invented.

A little story

The concept of “sex maker”, of course, is relatively young, but many have already appreciated all its charms.

Remember the spring crispy beds, the old extending sofas, washing machines, the tables of the heights inappropriate to you, damage to household attributes, a place at the computer. Or accidentally broken pots with grandmother’s flowers from the windowsill ..

The idea of a sex petroleum arose thanks to the direction of Sado-Mazo, not every bed or sofa could be handcuffed, not everyone could turn the spacer into the house. Therefore, they invented special devices with fasteners, handcuffs – chairs, folding sunbeds and even removable forged backs on the bed. Then there were swings, inflatable balls with protruding phalluses, even devices for sex in the shower.

How and why seem to have figured it out, now let’s go more about what furniture happens.

The swing of love

Beautiful, relaxed, incredibly dramatic.

The main thing here is not to rush, get used to it, conveniently sit down, choose to start the most convenient pose of the proposed ones (often pose for swings is illustrated in the instructions for them), and when you are convinced of the pleasure and safety of the venture, you can find a lot of things, you can come up with a lot of things,From sitting face to face, to placement on the swing of one, another partner, in turn, can stand, sit, swing the swing, masturbate, etc.D.

  • The swings are fixed on fiber or doorways, a branch, horizontal bar or crossbar.
  • Withstand the weight of two adults (150-200 kg), however, some models have restrictions on weight.
  • They often have handles with bathroom suction cups or shower
  • Incredibly simple and at the same time comfortable, just a necessary little thing!
  • Will help to avoid bruises, injuries, and just discomfort and tension from slipping.

Sex machines

Yes, yes, this hellish device exists and you can buy it to your home.

All more or less liberated women, and some men fantasized about it. Dirty, hard, continuous sex at a given pace.

Different functions, different speeds, different nozzles-masturbators, vibrators, phallos-realistic and even vibroyeis. And most of the sex machines are collected by the type of “Lego” – gathered, traveled well, put in the box. It’s great!

Pillows and mattresses

A special chair with nozzles or holes, inflatable beds are practically a luxury item, many are equipped with fasteners and nozzles like a sex machine, automated, some automatically inflate, and most importantly-do not stagger, do not creak, and at the wrong moment they will not jump out of the spring and the spring will not jump out andwill not scream right in your ass!

Sex pounds, inflatable, waterproof, hard, with velvet coating-there are also a lot of them, they can be used just as lining-under the chest, stomach, neck, back, ass, or you can equip the phalluses with nozzles and think yourself with a dirty rider, orjust practice to be from above so as not to fall into the dirt face with a living partner from the flesh and blood.

You can get acquainted with all the furniture for sex right here. Good luck! Let it come with you comfort 🙂


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