Holidays, tent and sex

Holidays, tent and sex.

, Holidays, tent and sex

May holidays on the nose, which means it’s time to drive away despondency and diversify your leisure. The perfect vacation is a trip to nature with a tent, songs at night by the fire, tasty fragrant food and, of course, sex in a tent. Such a pastime is associated with romance, and it is extremely lacking in urban people and those who spend a lot of time at work.

A car tent, similar to a small country house, most likely will not give you proper romance, because it is so difficult to feel a gap from civilization in it. The best choice will be an ordinary canvas tent or tent-racer. In any case, whatever the tent, of course, you can have sex, and this will give you indescribable pleasure. First of all, the tent is a symbol of freedom, and for those couples that cannot find a place to have sex is the perfect way out! The main thing is do not forget to lay something soft on the bottom of the tent, otherwise you will feel all the pebbles and irregularities of the surface, and you will not get the proper pleasure. Being with his partner inside, behind the cloth walls of the tent that separates you and closes from the outside world, you will feel incredible solitude. Another plus is that it is not necessary to rush somewhere, and immediately climb into the tent to satisfy sexual needs. You can have plenty of a bonfire, feel all this natural romance, eat and drink, talk plenty and even play the guitar or sing songs, and go to the tent when you really want to, at least in the morning. Be prepared for the fact that you can lose your head from new sensations and emotions that will give you a vacation in nature. You can become intoxicated by such a romantic atmosphere and recall your youth, as if returning in those years when it seemed to you that everything was nothing, when you considered your main problem – a litter control, and, of course, complete romanticism.

And now a few tips on our topic:

– Do not forget about poor sound insulation of the walls of the tent, especially if you went to rest not alone;

– If you turn on the flashlight inside, then you can see you outside;

– Place the tent further from the fire, do not forget about safety measures;

– When choosing a place for a tent, inspect the ground, it should not have garbage, cones and the rest that can interfere with your pleasant rest;

– If you went not alone, then be prepared for the fact that someone in the dark can confuse their tent with yours;

– Try in a fit of passion not to blame the tent, which is a frequent phenomenon;

– If you put the tent late and not so far from crowded places, be prepared for the fact that people can gather around your tent the next day;

– Be careful with sex in a tent on the scorching sun, there is an opportunity to get a thermal blow.

, Holidays, tent and sex

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