How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done

How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done.

, How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done

Do you have dear readers, beloved man? And remember how it all began: how behaved on the first dates and after the first sex? Today this issue is able to collect a whole flurry of discussion. Girls are especially worried: what if he did not like it, and we will never see each other again?

Yes, the first sex is an important point at the beginning of any novel. But how to behave after it, in order not to “not frighten off a potential half,” unfortunately not everyone knows. After all, the first night is often the last. The cause of the end of the relationship that did not have time to begin is in most cases the incorrect behavior of the young lady.

Tips on how to behave after the first sex with a guy, There is a whole many, therefore it can be said more understandable about this differently by paraphrasing this: what does not need to be done so as not to spoil the rapidly developing novel. Next, let’s talk about the most common mistakes that girls make after intimacy with a new partner.

, How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done

The main mistakes that women make after sex

First – forcing events in your head. “If we slept, then we will definitely meet, then live together, get married, and we will have children” – these are thoughts at least two -thirds of young young ladies visit. And if you are among them, you will have to upset you: sex is not a reason for the novel and serious relationships.

As you know, we all live in the age of a sexual revolution. And according to its basic principle of free non -pronouncing relations without obligations, the fact of intimate communication cannot force any of the parties to continue the novel. It is possible that after sex, if a woman will behave correctly with a man, their intrigue will reach a new, more serious level, but it is certainly not worth making a bid of all her life.

He is my everything. Such a mistake is made by not self -sufficient personalities, deprived of self -esteem. It is necessary to continue the previous life without expecting a call or the slightest condescension. Let the upcoming novel be only an addition to an already arranged female life. You can’t definitely build a guy to the center of the universe.

The third position is completely opposite to the first point. How to behave after sex, if, apparently, relations acquire a more romantic character? You think it doesn’t happen and there is some kind of catch? Not at all, look for it: sex on one night (even if both partners perceived it initially) has every chance of becoming the basis for building strong trusting relationships. There are many examples when love begins with sex, and not vice versa.

An erroneous can be called the theory like “all men are the same, they only need one!”. But no one denies this. Yes, all the guys constantly think about sex, they are configured for “hunting” at any time, so emotions and other calf tenderness, as a rule, are alien to them. But the representative of the stronger sex can radically change the model of his behavior if his heart is struck by love. In this case, an ideal partner who can build a strong relationship can even be an avid pickuper and womanizer.

, How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done

About how a girl cannot behave after sex, it is worth saying this: you should not panic if the next day he does not call, especially if you are unfamiliar. There can be many reasons for this: from banal employment at work to ordinary constraint. In this case, it is recommended to take the initiative into your own hands, a few days after sex.

Owner syndrome: how you can’t behave after sex

Many girls believe that after sex, their newly -made partner now belongs only to them with all their hearts and body. Such an exacerbation of property, jealousy – natural feelings that arise instinctively. She begins to worry about him, worry.

In the future, the girl will experience such sensations only to:

  • to your husband;
  • children;
  • Close.

The obviously expressed “maternal” reflex and aggravation of feelings of care is an excessive manifestation, especially after the first sex. Men basically do not like when women behave in this way. It is necessary to remain a confident girl in life, no depend on anyone, protecting her nerves from disorders and breakdowns. Do not try to control an independent adult – it looks stupid at least.

Partisan silence will be a mistake. If you pretend that nothing has happened between you, then the development of such a relationship is doomed to failure. There is nothing to be shy, who knows, perhaps you were thinking about the development of relations, but were afraid to admit each other in this. It is extremely important to open up to a man in a timely manner, not to delay with his spiritual confession to a potential beloved.

How does a woman behave after sex, if it is obviously known that such an intrigue for objective reasons will not lead to anything serious? Often in such situations, everything happens the opposite: a man almost begin to behave manic. At the same moment, the young lady, as a rule, loses confidence and is not able to decide whether she wants to continue relations.

, How to behave with a man after sex, what can not be done

He will call or will not call: how to behave after the first intimacy

Undoubtedly, the most reverent and exciting moment for girls after the first sex is the expectation of a call. The lady in love usually panic, if yesterday’s partner does not make itself felt at least a regular SMS. At such moments, girls often begin to cry, fall into hysteria, and, breaking their strategy, call the first.

Here’s what you need to know about how men behave after sex:

  1. They do not like when they specially impose their society. Calls every five minutes are often perceived by a man as an encroachment on his personal freedom. As you know, guys – the “hunter” of the love front, and the prey that itself goes into the hands is not interesting.
  2. Sometimes men are in no hurry to show initiative because of their own self-doubt and fear of getting a refusal.
  3. It is possible that he will not call for a second date. Some guys relate to sex with a new girl as replenishing the collection by another important exhibit.

But one radically distinguishes men from women: they know how to separate love and sex. Therefore, before entering into sexual intercourse, think about the further development of events.

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