How to diversify sex with wife?

How to diversify sex with wife?.

, How to diversify sex with wife?Happy newlyweds in bed warmly love each other. And it will pass for several years and the fire will decrease. He will extinguish life, routine at work, care for children.

At some stage, both understand that in the intimate sphere of calm, they are very scared. Both begin to come up with a lot of reasons from "does not love" before "Change". Often the accusations are erroneous. Spouses, trying to prove their sexuality, can really go to the side.

Men quite often begin to think about how to diversify sex with his wife

Your relationship with a partner is built on trust and close communication. Start with a conversation. But not right on the forehead, with a claim, but with trusting communication in a comfortable environment. Organize the evening, dinner with wine and a leisurely conversation will bring you to the right topic. If the second half perceives the conversation adequately, calmly and constructively, try to come up with an action plan together.

If you know what your partner does not work, then use our tips.

Give her romance

The method is slow, but true, improve both sex and relationship. Women emotional creatures, and emotions are important to them. If you came home from work and collapsed onto the sofa, smacked the cheek maximum, and more often asked: "There is what to eat?". Do not wait for your wife to wait for you in bed with lust. She gets tired too. The routine strangles her, and your visible indifference achieves her.

In the female head, like rabbits, thoughts of the type: “here he did not kiss me, when he came, it means he stopped liked”, “I stroked him on the leg, but he did not even pay attention – he does not love, does not want”. It doesn’t matter that at this time you, brutally hungry, swallowed dinner like a boa. Such thoughts of a swarm in her head.

Start with a simple one – Kiss after work, bring a flower or ice cream for it. Each time she praised her for a delicious lunch or dinner. Prepare her breakfast. Invite the date. Pour a fragrant and foam bath. Speak at least one compliment on a day.

At first there will be surprise, but every day it will bloom. She will definitely try, prepare something new, she will carefully take care of herself, because she wants to match what was said.

Take a look at her from a different angle

  • Literally. Enough to be content with only a bedroom and a bed. He built her a bath, and then after 20-30 minutes he went to her, unobtrusively offered to rub the back, from the back and shoulders, and his chest, and his stomach washed and below. Took and joined her. Than not an idea?
  • Thank you for a delicious breakfast in a weekend sex, right in the kitchen.
  • Agree with your grandmother that you abandon her grandchildren, bring to a secluded place and have sex in the car.
  • Surprise, call the store and the device light petting in the fitting room, she will look forward to the continuation.
  • Buy a weekend at the hotel. Retire there with champagne, strawberries and whipped cream.
  • Offer and try new poses, types of sex, new places.

Games and toys

Games. Offer to play role -playing games. Or so by chance, drop the phrase that you want to look at it in a police uniform. There was a physical examination, the blood took the blood, and I introduced you in a white robe on a naked body. If this topic is interesting to the wife, but she is shy, after such phrases it can offer or even make a surprise itself.

Toys. Humanity invented a sea of sex toys. Make your wife a small vibrating gift. Or maybe not small. You can try, for example, a vibrors with a clitoris stimulant, these are models that are dressed on a penis and deliver God’s pleasure to both partners. Vibrator in the form of a phallus, it is better to choose close to its size, it may well replace threesome sex.

An interesting idea is to buy vibro panties or clitoris stimulator with the ability to synchronize with the phone. Came home in a beautiful box or to work, call and persuade me to put on. Using the application, you can deliver a cute orgasm through the distance. She will appreciate.

Look at the site choose something like that.


Girls also watch porn. Even officially she can refuse it and call you a pervert. Do not believe. She looks and signs the history of the browser.

Invite her to look together. Be sure to choose a romantic video, without rudeness video. You can still remove Homvideo. Try it, piknko.

You are on land, I’m at sea…

, How to diversify sex with wife?

We recommend that you arrange a vacation apart. Distance and abstinence are well affected by libido.

A short separation will help to set the thoughts, evaluate all the charms of a life together. Sex after abstinence is sweet, hot and delightful.

Long life together, there is no reason to forget about high -quality and sensual sex. In film "Spies in the neighborhood" The main characters say such a phrase about sex: " Our chip, do it quickly".

Make your life brighter, let there be a lot of chips. We threw you ideas, and you can choose assistants in their implementation in our intimate shop.

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