How to enlarge the chest? | Entertaining sexology

How to enlarge the chest?.

, How to enlarge the chest? | Entertaining sexology
Big breasts of beautiful shape – object of admiration and desire. Men intuitively pulls to girls intuitively with magnificent forms, But not everyone has such a breast by nature. Someone in such a situation decides to resort to plastic surgery, However, this is not the only way to do The bust is more magnificent. To date, it has already been developed and actively applied cream, capable of making the breasts more attractive and voluminous. There is and Special pumps, contributing an increase in the size of the chest. All this – Effective, and most importantly Safe ways to achieve the desired result. And it is precisely these methods that we will talk today. Go!

Who may need?

The ideal breast is very rare by nature. Actresses, supermodels, girls from the covers of Playboy magazine use all kinds of adjustments constantly. So if you have not done this before, it’s time to start a full -fledged Breast training.

She may be needed for girls:

  • With an open neckline. If there is some event at which you want to appear in the most profitable light, a little exposed to the neckline, you can resort to such simple tricks.
  • Intimacy. It does not always matter what breasts you have. Erotic linen Helps give her the desired shape and size. But in bed these tricks will not help, but the same cream or pump – help to get out in this case.
  • Dissatisfied with their forms. Breast enlargement techniques, which we will consider in this guide will also help adjust the shape of the chest itself and nipples.
  • Who are afraid of surgical intervention. It does not always justify itself, because all kinds complications, Unsputed operations, The period of taking antibiotics – This consequences, which can be avoided.
  • Having contraindications to plastic. Even if there is no fear of operation, sometimes it is impossible to conduct it on medical indications. Plus, an increase in breast size with implants does not help preserve beautiful breasts during pregnancy, aging and weight jumps. But the pump, being a simulator, helps in any life period.

In general, the breast creams and the shell gym should try absolutely all girls. Even if you are happy with your chest, they They will help maintain shape, especially in the period losing weight, pregnancy and lactation. At that time female breasts are especially prone to loss of shape.

Breast bugs: how it works

Exercises for lifting and health of the chest invented a huge number. But there is such a wonderful object as water pump. In fact, This is a pump, but at the same time and a massager. If you compare it with special exercises, then it is significantly ahead of them, because:

  • With it, you can enlarge the chest. Ordinary training in this does not help.
  • Does not take a lot of time. Other training will take at least 1 hour of time, training with pomp – only 15 minutes.
  • Does not require complicated efforts. In fact, this is a very simple training “for the lazy”.

The action of such a device is based on vacuum power, that is space without air. The vacuum sucks powerfully, If it goes Special pump. The pump is an inexpensive, painless tool to improve the appearance and condition of the chest. With her Any woman will cope independently, c home.
Pumps from different manufacturers can differ slightly in terms of use. But with them The set always includes instruction, Often even with a picture by which you can easily understand how to use it correctly.

As a rule, you need to follow the following order of actions:, How to enlarge the chest? | Entertaining sexology

  • Apply to the chest and nipples Special cream. It moisturizes the skin of the chest and prepare it for manipulations.
  • Tighten the flask to the chest.
  • Using a special pump (always in the kit) bump out air.
  • As soon as the chest becomes more visually by 2 centimeters, you need a minimum Five seconds do nothing, stop pumping air.
  • After, Using the valve, the pressure is discharged, The chest relaxes.
  • Data manipulations are repeated for 15 minutes.
    Before use, the pump You always need to wash with warm soapy water. It will not be superfluous of her disinfect with a special tool. The chest is very tender, and The skin on it is prone to irritation, That’s why Follow hygiene It is necessary here.

Which pump for the chest to choose?

Breast Pump – Legendary, and perhaps, One of the best pumps for the chest. It is she He heads the ratings simulators for a bust. In appearance-a very cute little thing of delicate pink color, it is immediately clear that for a girl. But do not be deceived, this baby is not as sweet as it might seem at first glance. It allows you to achieve The powerful effect of vacuum, doing exercises with her very effective. Operates automatically, On the most ordinary batteries, So your efforts when working with her will minimal.
Easy Grow – water pump German production, will have to work with her manually (since the pump is made in the form of a pear), but this does not make it less convenient and effective. Which is very convenient, this model has Air output button, In case you suddenly overdo it during training.

The most common questions

In fact, breast pumps are not a modern know-how. They have been used for a long time, And they managed to prove themselves from the positive side. But many still do not know whether it is worth using them, and how to do it right. You also have questions or you doubt? Then our prepared answers to the most will come in handy Questions asked., How to enlarge the chest? | Entertaining sexology
Is it safe for health?
The pump is not easy Safe for health delicate female breast – she Helps this health support. Using the pump improves blood circulation of the glands of the chest, tones the muscles.

Whether the breast will become less sensitive from this?
No, Training with pomp affects sensitivity only on the positive side. The chest becomes more sensitive. Many girls note that after such manipulation their bust became the real for them erogenous zone. Maybe you will feel this “wow” effect!

And it hurts?
The procedure is completely painless, Even on the contrary – Nice. After all The pump is also a massager, Moreover, he provides very soft action and leaves no bruises. But if you suddenly become unpleasant, stop using the pump and consult a mammologist. Pain is a sign that the mammary glands should be checked for inflammation.

How often to conduct training?
The best thing every day. And twice – in the morning and in the evening.

How much the chest will increase?
Of course, you need to understand that vacuum exercises, as well as any others, will not make the breasts a few sizes larger. But on average, a woman can count on her increase in the range of 30-40%. This result can be achieved pRI regularly use the pump. The first time it may be a passion for only 2 centimeters.

And how else can you increase the chest?

Another effective way to make the breast more – use Special cream. It is important, the components in such creams contribute not only to an increase in the bust, but also to its healing, as well as moisturizing the skin around it. It must be understood that the pump is a simulator, and it is much more effective than the cream, but the cream is a means of care, it will make the skin silky. Ideally, you need to combine exercises with pomp and the use of cream, one will not hurt the other, but on the contrary, complement.

It is worth paying attention to the following funds:

  • Cream Push Up “Beauty Boost” -products of the famous brand of sex cosmetics Hot. The product has pleasant aroma, similar in action with Aphrodisiac. So if you plan to carry out breast care before proximity – in addition, you are very excited, the bonus is really pleasant. The carefully developed composition allows Make the chest elastic, Increase skin tone, Give a seductive volume. But you will not immediately see the result, cream with cumulative effect, that is The more often it is used, the greater the effect will accumulate and manifest itself. The best thing apply cream in combination with pomp. The manufacturer himself recommends to pass Course of 6 months, but the effect of this time will work out very persistent.
  • Cream Bosom BoosterEffective means of American production. Its application improves metabolic processes in the chest, what very It is important for the health of the mammary glands, and makes the chest more elastic, improves blood circulation. It is necessary to use it daily, Then the effect will not be long in coming. By the way, Ingredients in the composition – natural, And it makes it premium products. Moreover, this is a cream from the legendary brand System Jo, and they only do Hits! By the way, the chest will begin to increase already After 6 weeks of application. And this is without injections and hormones.

Well, if you only need slightly Raise the chest And to make it more only under clothes, for example, going to the beach or party with the open neckline, you can use special tabs. Some tabs help lift the chest, in addition By increasing the hollow. Others are able to make it for the whole size more. Such tabs are very high -quality, So, Nice when wearing And absolutely invisible under linen and clothing generally. As an emergency measure – just right.
So Beautiful breasts without operations – not a myth, And the issue of training and quality care. And for everything a couple of months the breasts can really be made much more, while applying minimum of funds and efforts!

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